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Home Offroad RC RC4WD Armageddon 1/14 Dump Truck 8×8

RC4WD Armageddon 1/14 Dump Truck 8×8

RC4WD Armageddon 1/14 Dump Truck 8x8If you want the baddest radio controlled dump truck and have tons of cash burning a hole in your pocket you might want to check out RC4WD’s new 1/14 scale Armageddon 8×8 Dump Truck. The Armageddon 8×8 features four metal axles driven by an all metal 2 speed transmission, billet aluminum transfer case and 60t brushed motor. To make things even more scale RC4WD chose to add an amazing bed lift system featuring a micro hydraulic pump driven by a 1000Kv brushless motor which raises an all brass lift cylinder. Check out the full list of features and tons of pictures after the jump!

RC4WD Armageddon 8×8 Dump Truck Features:

  • RC4WD 1000kV Brushless motor driven micro hydraulic pump
  • Full metal 2 speed transmission with planetary gears
  • 60T brushed motor driven
  • Billet aluminum transfer case
  • Billet aluminum scale fuel tank
  • Billet aluminum scale wheels
  • Super scaled leaf spring suspension
  • Remote lockable rear differential
  • Full metal front and rear axle housings
  • Steel drive shafts
  • Functional molded fuel tank for hydraulic oil
  • Hard plastic European style drivers cab
  • European style V shape dumper bed
  • Full electronic sound system (engine start, idle and more)
  • Realistic front cab latch
  • Retractable steel ladder
  • Automatic trailer gate
  • Rear light guards
  • Scale light buckets compatible with LED lights
  • Scale fire extinguishers
  • Spare wheel/tire
  • 6 channel 2.4Ghz radio
  • Comes fully painted and assembled

RC4WD Armageddon 8×8 Dump Truck Specs:

  • Length: 687mm (27″)
  • Width: 186mm (7.3″)
  • Height: 262mm (10.3″)
  • Weight: 8kg (17 lbs)
  • Theoretical load: 15kg (33 lbs)
  • Load total mass: 23kg (50 lbs)
  • Recommended payload: 16kg (35 lbs)
  • Maximum lift power: 42kg (92 lbs)
  • Cylinder maximum thrust: 109kg (231 lbs)
  • First gear: 1:16
  • Second gear: 1:4
  • Part: VV-JD00012
  • Price: $2800

RC4WD Armageddon 8×8 Dump Truck Pictures:

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14 Responses

  1. Bill O

    Holy freakin price tag!!!

  2. NitroSlash

    Wow that thing is amazing! I can’t imagine ever spending that much on an rc car but its cool nonetheless.

  3. Ricker

    Those axles are sexy!

  4. NitroSlash

    Looks like a steal at that price.

  5. Brktrcr

    This is what dreams are made of. Except that price, thats what nightmares are made of.

  6. Blackfoot88

    Should be a kit.

  7. JT

    For that price it should be 1/4 scale

  8. Logeh

    I like,that how much I own that truck

  9. I like RC4wd dumptruck very much.

  10. i like rc4wd dumptruck very much.it works like a real deal

  11. Rc4wd dumptruck was very cool.it can work like a real deal.i like it very much.

  12. I love RC4WD truck.it a really cool dumptruck.i like it so much.

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