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R/C Truck Build Articles

R/C Truck ProjectsIf you’re an R/C truck enthusiast then you may have come across our sister site Clodzone. Sadly we have decided to close that site down to focus solely on RCNewz.com but there is a silver lining to this cloud. We’ve decided transfer all of the R/C truck build articles we’ve written for Clodzone over to this site! Now you can read through our Axial Scorpion build, Clodzilla II build, Tamiya Land Cruiser build, Team Associated SC10 build and more! Be sure to check them out under our new category R/C Builds. Also if you’re in the process of building an R/C car or truck kit yourself, why not take a bunch of pics and send them our way. Who knows, maybe your build will be the next to be featured right here!

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4 Responses

  1. Rockenstein

    Your AX10 project is amazing looking with that blazer body!

  2. chris

    Great looking truck how are those body mounts affixed to the truck? Love the HPI wheels what offset are they?

    • Chris, We used square brass stock to make cross members between the upper frame rails to affix the body mounts to. I believe the body mounts are long Team Associated units though I’m not sure what part number they are.

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