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RB Products Automatic Damping System

RB Products Automatic Damping System ADS If you’re been in this hobby for any length of time you know that the holy grail of RC racing is to have a truly progressive shock that gives you a soft smooth action lower in its travel, while getting harder toward the top of its stroke. Unfortunately many products have come and gone yet nobody has been able to make one work on such a small scale. The folks at RB Products are taking a swing at the problem with their unique Automatic Damping System (ADS). Unlike conventional RC car shocks, ADS features special CNC machined solid Delrin pistons which ride in sleeves with v shaped notches in them. The way they work is, as the shock travels up its stroke the solid piston pushes oil through the v shaped notches. Since the notch gets smaller and smaller toward the top of the shock’s travel it gets harder and harder for oil to be pushed through. The result is a highly progressive shock action. Initially the RB ADS shock system will be available for a few high end rc race buggies including the Mugen MBX7, Kyosho MP9 and the Losi 8ight. Stay tuned for more information and in the mean time go check out the diagrams to get a better idea how they work.

RB Automatic Damping System Features:

  • CNC Delrin Pistons
  • 7075 T6 Aluminum
  • Hard Anodized
  • Made in Italy

RB Automatic Damping System Specs:

  • 02013-004 – Mugen MBX7
  • 02013-005 – RB One R
  • 02013-006 – Kyosho MP9
  • 02013-007 – Losi 8IGHT 3
  • 02013-008 – Xray XB9
  • 02013-009 – Xray XB4
  • 02013-011 – Sworkz
  • 02013-012 – Agama A8
  • 02013-013 – Serpent Cobra

RB Automatic Damping System Pictures:

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2 Responses

  1. NitroSlash

    Hopefully they release these for more cars I want one for my slash.

  2. Defan

    Cool concept but i’ll hold out to see what kind of reviews these get. My hunch is they’ll be nothing but a letdown.

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