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RB Innovations Upgrades For Losi 5IVE

RB Innovations Losi 5IVE Alloy UpgradesThe guys over at RB Innovations have just announced a host of new alloy upgrades for you Losi 5IVE owners. The new parts include a new Losi 5IVE specific Hyper Charger, Alloy Inner Cooler Airbox, Alloy Center Diff Towers, Alloy Center Diff Cover, Alloy Shock Mounts, Vented Brake Discs, Alloy Steering Linkage, Alloy Chassis Supports, Alloy Steering Support Bracket, and Alloy Body Mounts. All parts are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum and are now available for order through RB’s website or your local LHS.

Alloy Center Differential Towers for LOSI 5IVE – L55225 – $98
These center differential towers are stronger and much easier to disassemble for maintenance. These are split in the center so no more flipping the truck to get to the bottom screws to remove the center differential. Remove 4 screws from the top and the whole differential come out. Very Easy!! These will work with the stock plastic gear cover. OR Choose to add our alloy gear cover for improved strength and performance. Adding this alloy gear cover stiffens the truck making a much better handling vehicle.

Alloy Center Differential Gear Cover for LOSI 5IVE – L55227 – $50

This alloy gear cover improves the strength and performance of the vehicle. Adding this alloy gear cover stiffens the truck making a much better handling vehicle. Use with the RB Innovations center diff towers. These are CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum.

Alloy Inner Cooler Airbox for Losi 5IVE – L55325 – $78
The ultimate air intake for the Losi 5IVE! This alloy airbox allows air from the front window area to be used rather then inhaling the heated / mostly exhaust air from under the body. You can now use many different air filters out on the market. Simply attaches to the end of the intake tube with the mounting hardware provided. This is a great combination when used with the custom Hyper-Charger System that we offer for this truck. This gives the truck the ultimate look and performance like no other! These are CNC machined from aircraft grade billet aluminum. Includes all hardware to install to the engine.

Hyper-Charger Air Filter for Losi 5IVE – RA6020 – $55
The Hyper-Charger features a realistic automotive blower look and function. The charger scoops the air and forces it directly into the engine. This intake allows for a cleaner and cooler air charge maximizing performance of any gas engine. This system is customized and comes with hardware to install onto the Losi 5IVE chassis. Perfect fit showing through the front window! Includes Hyper-charger, mounting bracket & hardware to install the system.

Shock Mounting Plates for Losi 5IVE (Front and Rear) – L55200 – $98
These are much different then any other on the market. Stronger and more adjustable! Multiple hole locations for shocks and camber links; Provides enhanced suspension Geometry and more adjustable chassis setup.

Alloy Body Mount for Rear Shock Plate for Losi 5IVE – L55300 – $35
This Alloy Body Mount will hold the body strong even during the toughest bashing. Mount comes complete with hardware to install onto the stock or our aftermarket shock mounting plates.

Alloy Front Steering Support Bracket for Losi 5IVE – L55400 – $36.50
This front steering support bracket re-enforces the entire front of the vehicle while holding the steering turnbuckles for precision steering under any condition.

Alloy Front Steering Link for Losi 5IVE – L55100 – $22.50
This front steering link re-enforces the steering of the vehicle allowing for precision steering under any condition. They are CNC machined from aircraft grade aluminum. Polished to a great finish!

Alloy Front & Rear Chassis Supports for Losi 5IVE – L55175 – $85
These front and rear supports strengthen the chassis to prevent flex in the center of the chassis. These are sold with front and rear in a kit with all hardware for installation. They will also fit properly with no modifications when using the RB Innovations Pull Start filter.

Alloy Vented Brake Disks for Losi 5IVE – L55150 – $30
These brake disks are vented for more stopping power as well better heat dissipation to prevent premature wear of the pads. The are sold in sets of 2.

Source: RB Innovations

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