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Protoform VRS-N Touring Car Body

Protoform VRS-N 200mm Touring Car BodyAs the ultra fast 1/10 nitro touring cars continue to evolve with new technologies, an ever greater demand is placed on the race body shells in order to keep these machines planted on the track and as drivable as possible in a variety of conditions. In preparation for the 2014 IFMAR Worlds in Bangkok, Protoform has pulled out all the stops in making the all-new VRS-N their most advanced 200mm race body to date.

Implementing some never before seen in RC air management concepts inspired by full scale touring cars from the STCC and SCCA World Challenge, the new Protoform VRS-N race body is designed to slot in between the handling characteristics of the IFMAR World Title-Winning P37-N and the game-changing SRS-N that’s been used in Title-Winning efforts in ROAR, EFRA and ENS competition. It features a low profile up front and strategically placed airflow conditioners for maximum aero efficiency.

The Protoform VRS-N meets all 200mm Global Body Spec rules and is available in high-quality light weight (.025”) or regular weight (.030”) genuine Lexan. Included with the body are window masks, decals, oversized nylon wing hardware and paint-then-peel overspray film.


  • 1539-30 – Protoform VRS-N Body – $26
  • 1539-25 – Protoform VRS-N Lightweight Body – $28


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