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Protoform Strakka 12 Pan Car Body

Protoform Strakka 12 Pan Car BodyProtoform is taking aim at the 1/12 scale Stock and SuperStock race classes with their new race body, the Strakka 12. Modeled after an all new race car contending in the WEC series, the Protoform Strakka 12 is a reduced downforce alternative to the ultra successful AMR-12. This race body will help your 1/12 pan car car slip around the track efficiently without scrubbing too much of that all important corner speed. Modified racers looking for a less downforce on super high grip tracks can also use the Strakka 12, attaching the add-on gurney flap marked out in the back of the body. The Protoform Strakka 12 is available in regular weight .030″ lexan, as well as .020″ lightweight for expert RC racers.


  • Length: 12.75″ (323mm)
  • Width: (6.69″ (170mm)
  • Side Dam Height: 2.75″ (70mm)
  • Wheel Base: 7.7-7.9″ (195-200mm)
  • 1614-30 – Protoform Strakka 12 Body – $20
  • 1614-20 – Protoform Strakka 12 Lightweight Body – $20


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