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Protoform G6-T Oval 200mm Body

Protoform G6-T Oval and 200mm BodyThis season saw Nascar introduce their highly anticipated new generation of body styles. With increased brand identity, a stylish new look and ultra-competitive racing, interest in the Cup series is once again on the up-swing with fans, manufacturers and media. It’s only natural that Protoform would bring this exciting look to 1/10 scale RC oval racing. The all-new Proform G6-T race body reflects all the details of the real racers while adapting it for the ultra-high downforce demands of today’s carpet oval race cars. The G6-T features ample wedge built right into the body, but can also be adjusted with different trimming angles for stock classes. Trimming slightly under the trim line also makes the body ideal for cap tire racing. The G6-T is produced with the best in quality .030 polycarbonate. It’s equipped with spoiler mounting hardware, protective film, window masks and a decal sheet. This body will also fit most popular 200mm sedan chassis.


  • Length: 18.75″ (476mm)
  • Width (front): 8.15″ (207mm)
  • Width (rear): 8.27″ (210mm)
  • Roof Height: 4.33″-4.65″ (110-118mm)
  • Wheelbase: 10-10.375″ (254-263mm)
  • Part: 1236-30
  • Price: $26


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2 Responses

  1. Rick

    Looks pretty slick, though I’d like to see it mounted on a 200mm tc to see how well it actually fits

  2. eric

    Ive always been in love with protoform bodies they always look so smooth and silky

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