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Protoform Crosshair Body Mounting System

Protoform Crosshair Body Mounting SystemIf you’ve ever mounted a painted RC car or truck body then you know how frustrating it can be. No matter how much time you take to get everything lined up just right, you inevitably drill the holes in the wrong place and destroy your awesome body. Protoform has come up with an ingenious product that puts that all in the past. Their new Crosshair body mount system uses high power magnets to help align the body posts to the exact position you need.

How it Works

  • Place a Crosshair Body Post Cap on each of your chassis’ 4 body posts, securing them in place with a body clip.
  • Place your painted body on top of the posts, centering it from left to right as well as determining the fore/aft position, which can affect handling characteristics.
  • Hold a Marking Magnet on the outside of your body close to where the body posts are. The magnet will attach itself to the precise position.
  • Mark your body post position through the hole on the Marking Magnet with a fine-tip marker.
  • Drill your body post holes on the marked locations with a body reamer or power drill


  • Part: 6032-00
  • Price: $26


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  1. Adam12

    Its surprising it took so long for someone to come up with such a simple solution.

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