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ProTek RC Supreme Power 100C Lipo Packs

ProTek RC Supreme Power 100C Lipo Battery PacksThe folks over at ProTek RC just announced their new “Supreme Power” lipo battery packs offering a 100C burst discharge rate. ProTek RC’s Supreme Power 100C lipo batteries have been laboratory tested against competitors to ensure their quality and consistency. Not only has the “C” rating drastically improved, but so has the capacity for several of ProTek’s best sellers. ProTek battery packs are available in standard 2S sizes including a “shorty pack” for racers who prefer a lighter battery, and 1S and 2S batteries designed specifically for pan cars. ProTek also offers a saddle pack for platform’s that require a split configuration.

ProTek’s continued effort to innovate is apparent with the addition of two standard-size 2S packs that include 5mm bullet connectors. The larger connectors are more efficient and will deliver increased power for serious racers. Three 4S lipo batteries will give 1/8-scale electric racers who want the best batteries money can buy options for balancing the weight of their car.

ProTek’s industry-leading Crash Protection Guarantee ensures that you’re buying a quality battery that you can trust. All ProTek RC Supreme Power Lipo batteries are ROAR Approved.

  • PTK-LPH-1S100-P – 1S 5800mah 3.7V pan car battery – $55
  • PTK-LPH-3000-2S100-P – 2S 3000mah 7.4V pan car – $65
  • PTK-LPH-4300-2S100-S – 2S 4300mah 7.4V shorty – $90
  • PTK-LPH-5500-S100-SP – 2S 5500mah 7.4V saddle pack – $90
  • PTK-LPH-5600-2S100-P5 – 2S 5600mah 7.4V w/5mm bullets – $100
  • PTK-LPH-7000-2S100-P5 – 2S 7000mah 7.4V w/5mm bullets – $130
  • PTK-LPH-3500-4S100-W – 4S 3500mah 14.8V – $110
  • PTK-LPH-4300-4S100-W – 4S 4300mah 14.8V – $130
  • PTK-LPH-6700-4S100-W – 4S 6700mah 14.8V – $180
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