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Home RC Car and Truck Build Projects Project Scorpion: Budget Build Of The Axial AX10 – Part 1

Project Scorpion: Budget Build Of The Axial AX10 – Part 1

Axial AX10 Scorpion Rock CrawlerWhen Axial Racing introduced the Scorpion AX10 Rock Crawler last April the r/c rock crawling world was turned upside down. Previously if you wanted to build a competition level crawler you usually needed to scrounge up parts from various other vehicles and build your own custom frame, but with the advent of the AX10 things got much easier. All you need to do was build it, add your electronics and hit the rocks. However just like everything else in the R/C world guys started dumping huge sums of cash into their AX10 to get that edge over the competition. The problem with that is we’ve taken a relatively low buck crawler and turned it into a big dollar money pit. That’s the point of this build. We wanted to buy a bone stock AX10, build it, add budget electronics, and document it’s performance. Meet Project Scorpion!

Part 1: It’s here!!!
Today we’re going to look at what comes with the Scorpion rock crawler kit and what you’ll need to get it up and running. Upon receiving the kit we rushed to open the box and were pleasantly surprised at how high quality the parts are on this truck. One of the beautiful things of the AX10 is the extensive use of anodized aluminum parts throughout. Everything from the beadlock rings, to the steering and suspension links, and even the chassis is aluminum. The chassis is anodized in black but most of the aluminum bits come anodized in a bright green. As much as we liked the green we really wish Axial would consider optional colors as well. How bad ass would an all mat black Scorpion be?

The Axial Ax10 Scorpion boxAxial AX10 Scorpion Box

Like a kid on Christmas morning we couldn’t wait to get it open! Here is the Ax10 box opened for the first time. When you first get it open you can easily see the body, wheels, and tires. The rest of the parts are buried under the body. Be prepared though, because the Axial Rock Lizard tires smell horrible. We could smell their stench before opening the box!
Axial AX10 Scorpion Box Opened

The Axial Rock Lizard tires. Nice soft sticky tires that smell like they just came out of the mold.
Axial AX10 Scorpion Rock Lizard Tires

Axial parts bag art.
Axial AX10 Scorpion Parts Bag

The various parts bags included in the kit. Everything is nicely labeled and easy to find.Axial AX10 Scorpion Parts

Decals for the Axial B-17 Betty Body. Check out the gun rack for the rear window!
Axial AX10 Scorpion Betty Body Decals

Axial B-17 Betty Body Decal Instructions. The strange thing about these instructions is that they suggest you drill holes in the top of the body for body mounts. However the Axial uses side mounts! :0 Axial AX10 Scorpion Betty Body

A nice addition to the Axial kit was the supplied thread lock. Most of the screws on the AX10 are screwed into nylon locknuts where thread lock isn’t needed. However it is imperative that you use this stuff on metal to metal parts such as the tiny grub screws holding the drive shafts in place.
Axial AX10 Scorpion Thread Lock

The Axial AX10 Scorpion Owners Manual. It’s simple but very well written.
Axial AX10 Scorpion Instruction Manual

The Scorpion’s axle cases still on the parts tree! I can’t believe we were able to keep ourselves from cutting them off yet. Axial AX10 Scorpion

The AX10 wheels. The wheels themselves are made of some sort of composite plastic, but the bead lock rings included are aluminum.
Axial AX10 Scorpion Wheel and Decals

The unpainted lexan B-17 Betty body. Thankfully it includes window masks and protective covering. Axial AX10 Scorpion Betty Body

Some of the beautiful aluminum parts included. From left to right are the inside beadlock rings, outside beadlock rings, and the steering/suspension links.
Axial AX10 Scorpion Beadlocks and Links

Alright, now you’ve got a good idea what is included with the Axial but you may be wondering what else is needed to complete the kit. For that you’ll need a 2 channel radio system with one servo, an electronic speed control, and a motor. The next installment of this build will document the bare bones budget electronics we selected for this vehicle. Check back soon!!!

Project Scorpion
Part 1 – It’s here!
Part 2 – The electronics
Part 3 – The build
Part 4 – Testing
Part 5 – Modifications
Part 6 – 1.9 Conversion


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    this is a great read iused it to help me build my ax10.

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