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Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Build Pictures

Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Build PicturesThere’s no doubt that the Traxxas Slash put the RC short course truck on the map. Since first being introduced, Traxxas has sold untold zillions of the legendary RC truck with many versions and upgrades along the way. One manufacturer that has been producing high performance upgrades for the Slash since day one is none other than Pro-Line Racing. Believe it or not, they’ve made so many upgrades for it that you could build one just from their parts alone. And that’s where the Pro-Line Pro-2 comes in. Its basically a combination of all the upgrades Pro-Line has made for the Slash in kit form, including their own aluminum LCG chassis, grippy Blockade tires and slick Flotek body. Earlier this year we had the chance to do an unboxing and build video of the Pro-2 and now we’re finally getting our lazy butts into gear with build and action pictures too! Check them out after the break.

Pro-Line Pro-2 box art!
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Box Art

Here is a shot of what you first see when you open the Pro-2 box
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Box

After you pull out the body, bags of parts, and wheels/tires, you’ll finally get your first glimpse of the Pro-2’s LCG aluminum chassis. Note that it comes pre-assembled with the transmission, servo mounts, steering bellcrank and nerf bars already bolted on. Although it really saves time to have these components come pre-assembled, we’d rather have been able to build them ourselves. Check out that weird optical illusion with the art on the bottom of the box. It looks like the Pro-2 is already assembled!
ProLine Pro2 SC Unboxing

Another picture of the LCG chassis assembly. It is constructed of 3mm 7076-T6 aluminum with a hard anodized finish. Pro-Line also offers a -8mm version of this chassis for indoor racing.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Chassis

Underside of the Pro-Line Pro-2 LCG chassis
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Anodized Aluminum Chassis

Here is a look at some of the parts included with the Pro2 kit
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Unboxing

The Pro-2 includes a set of front and rear Pro-Line ProTrac suspension arms. Yes, these are the same
ProTrac arms included in their Traxxas Slash ProTrac suspension kit
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC ProTrac Suspension Arms

Here is a picture of the Pro-2 SC’s front and rear shock towers, hubs and turnbuckles
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Shock Towers

Pro-Line could have cheaped out and included a set of ordinary body posts and clips but instead the Pro-2 comes equipped with a set of their Secure-Loc Caps which do away with body clips completely. They’re also fully adjustable for many different types of bodies.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Body Mounts

Also included with the Pro-Line Pro-2 is a set of sticky Blockade tires in the M3 compound which come pre-mounted to F-11 wheels
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Blockade Tires

A closer look at those Pro-Line F11 wheels
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Wheels

When we heard Pro-Line was releasing an RC short course truck kit, we knew they just had to include a set of their sweet Power Stroke shocks. They feature an aluminum body and cap with a unique dual rate spring setup and beefy 3.5mm shafts. Believe it or not, Pro-Line has already released an optional upgrade to these shocks.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC PowerStroke Shocks

Another picture of those beautiful shocks
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Dual Shock Springs

As we mentioned earlier, the Pro-2 comes equipped with the Pro-Line Performance Transmission. It was originally released as an optional upgrade for the Slash as well as other Traxxas 2wd vehicles. It features 20% less rotating mass than the stock Slash tranny and a racing style vented slipper clutch. The Performance transmission also includes an aluminum motor mounting plate which is nicely milled for additional cooling.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Performance Transmission

The aforementioned Pro-2 vented slipper clutch
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Vented Slipper Clutch

Here is a close up shot of the Pro-2’s plastic steering bellcrank with built in servo saver
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Steering Bellcrank

Speaking of steering servos, the Pro-2 includes a pair of nicely machined aluminum servo mounts
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Aluminum Servo Mounts

Time to start putting things together!
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Parts

Turnbuckles assembled
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Turnbuckles

A sign of things to come
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC

Front suspension bolted to the chassis…
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Front Suspension

…along with the rear suspension too
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Rear Suspension

Aluminum hubs and wheel nuts
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC 12mm Hubs

Steering servo installed
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Steering

Here is the chassis full assembled and ready for the wheels and tires, electronics and body.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC

And like that she is ready to rumble! We chose to install a Castle Creations Sidewider SCT brushless system with a 3800Kv 4-pole motor. We’re also running a Spektrum receiver and an el cheapo servo.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Build Pics

Another picture of the Pro-Line Pro-2 SC full assembled…
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Short Course Roller

…and another…
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Chassis Top

…and another
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Unpainted

Here she is fully assembled and painted! For the paint job we weren’t sure what we wanted to do with it, so we started to experiment with a few specialty paints. To get the effect you see here, we first sprayed the body with multiple coats of Auto-Air Candy Blue. Then we followed that up with a few coats of Parma Faschange Blue. Finally we backed it all with black. The result is a simple, but gorgeous, metallic blue paint job that, thanks to the Parma Faschange paint, has a bit of color change to it depending on the viewing angle. The pictures don’t do it justice!
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Build PIcture

Another picture of our Pro-2 SC…
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Short Course Truck

..and another
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC RC Short Course Truck

With everything finally buttoned up we took the new Pro-2 out for its maiden voyage. We’re mostly bashers so you won’t find much race worthy comparison here between the Pro-2 and other RC short course trucks. All we can tell you is how it felt in our bashing environment. With that said, the Pro-2 performed flawlessly. Thanks to its ProTrac suspension and Power Stroke shocks, it took big jumps with ease. On hard packed dirt the Blockades hooked up so well that the Pro-2 sometimes wanted to wheelie. That “problem” was quickly alleviated with a slipper adjustment. While they would be awesome for the track, we picked up a set of Trenchers for running on grass and other rough stuff. We’re also planning to get a set of paddles for the snow!
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Ramp Jump

After running many packs through the Pro-2 we have yet to experience any breakages. The only problem we came across had to do with the slipper clutch. After a few packs we noticed a weird tan dust building up inside the clear pinion/spur gear cover. After tearing down the slipper, we found that slipper plate vents had a good bit of metal flashing still on them from being drilled. There was just enough excess metal to grind grooves into the slipper pads. The solution was a quick sanding of the slipper plate to pad surfaces and we were back up and running. In the end, it really wasn’t a big deal, but it’s just one of the reasons I’d rather build the tranny myself.
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Action Picture

Another shot of our Pro-2 RC short course truck
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Action Pictures

The Pro-2 jumping over a giant rock in our yard
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Jump

And catching some big air
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Big Air

Some Pro2 wheelie action! Be sure to check out the rest of our Pro-Line Pro-2 build pictures below and don’t miss our Pro-Line Pro-2 Action Video!
Pro-Line Pro-2 SC Wheelie


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