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Pro-Line Pro-2 Motor Heat Sink Heatsink

Pro-Line Pro-2 Motor Heat Sink HeatsinkWhich motor heat sink fits the Pro-Line Pro-2? Recently we asked ourselves the same thing about our Pro-2 project truck. After much searching we found that many Traxxas Slash owners use a heat sink made for the Villain IV RC boat (part #1522) and since the Pro-2 is basically a highly modified Slash, we figured it might just work. Well the picture above speaks for itself, though it doesn’t quite tell the whole story. Just like on the Slash, we found that the heat sink needed to be trimmed to fit the ProLine Pro-2. In all we removed about a half inch square from one corner of the heatsink to clear the truck’s transmission. While our tests were far from scientific, the Pro2’s new heat sink appeared to reduce our motor temps by about 20 degrees! So, what heat sink are you running on your ProLine Pro2? Anyone figure out some way of running a motor fan?


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