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Pro-Line Announces New Tire Compounds and Tire/Wheel Combos

Pro-Line New RC Car Truck TiresPro-Line Racing just announced a few new tire compounds and tire/wheel combos. They include Diamond Back 1/8 buggy tires, Bow Tie 2.0 1/8 buggy tires, Blockade 1/8 buggy tires, and Big Blox 1/8 buggy tires, all in the new X2 Medium and X3 Soft compounds. Other additions include Masher 2.8″ tires mounted on black Desperado wheels, 4 rib 2.2″ front buggy tires and Ion MC 4wd buggy front and rear tires.

Pro-Line Diamond Back X2/X3 1/8 Buggy Tires
Pro-Line’s all-new Diamond Back race tire is ready to Strike the competition. The Diamond Back replicates the look of a Snake’s Skin with progressive tread is denser in the center to provide the long wear that customers expect, and then spreads out closer to the sidewall to cut through the dust and debris found on the track surface. The Diamond Back tire has a fast but easy-to-drive feel that proved exceptional at the highest level of competition – The 2012 IFMAR World Championships in Buenos Aires, Argentina where Pro-Line driver Ty Tessmann used the Diamond Back tires to record the Fastest Single Lap (43.274) of the Entire Event! The Diamond Back tire combined with the High-Speed and Long Wear European style X Compound provides unmatched traction, drivability and durability not found in any race tire to date. Mess with the Diamond Back and you will get the Fangs!

  • 9049-002 – X2 Medium Compound – $22.06
  • 9049-003 – X3 Soft Compound – $22.91

Pro-Line Bow Tie 2.0 X2/X3 1/8 Buggy Tires
Pro-Line’s original Bow-Tie took the 1:8 Buggy racing World by storm winning the 2006 IFMAR World Championship and countless National Championships. The Bow-Tie is back stronger than ever as the Bow-Tie 2.0! The new Bow-Tie 2.0 tire received a complete overhaul with the latest generation Race Tire carcass and enhanced side pin tapering designed to smooth out the steering and not catch the ruts. The Bow-Tie’s signature tall, horizontal, Bow-Tie shaped Tread remains intact along with the incredible traction that everybody loves from the Bow-Tie. The Bow-Tie 2.0 is now available in Pro-Line’s new High-Speed and Long Wear European style X Compound so you can run exactly what Team Pro-Line used to take on the very best drivers at the IFMAR World Championships! Get your own set of Bow-Tie 2.0 tires and dominate the competition!

  • 9045-002 – X2 Medium Compound – $22.06
  • 9045-003 – X3 Soft Compound – $22.91

Pro-Line Blockade X2/X3 1/8 Buggy Tires
Historic. Revolutionary. The Best. Just a few words that have been used to describe Pro-Line’s new Blockade tire. History was made the first time the Blockade touched the race track – Winning the 2011 ROAR Fuel Off-Road Nationals by 2 laps at the hands of Ryan Cavalieri! Now available in the X Series Compounds! The Revolutionary tread design features large lugs for class leading tread life, perfectly balanced tread spacing for maximum forward bite and uniquely blended side tread that reduces the edginess found in other race tires. This tire will give your buggy qualifying speed with tread life capable of handling hour long A-mains. Pro-Line’s Blockade is the new must-have 1:8 Buggy Race tire and will dominate your local track.

  • 9039-002 – X2 Medium Compound – $22.06
  • 9039-003 – X3 Soft Compound – $22.91

Pro-Line Big Blox X2/X3 1/8 Buggy Tires
Introducing the Ultimate Long Wear tire – Pro-Line’s all new Big Blox. Customers and Racers continue to demand higher and higher performance out of 1:8 Buggy Race tires while also requiring tires that last longer and longer. After much consultation and input from top-level Pro-Line drivers both in the U.S., Europe and across the Globe, Pro-Line has developed the all-new Big Blox Race Tire to meet these lofty expectations. Large center lugs formed into a grid pattern provide the base for the long wear characteristics and unmatched mechanical grip found by all test drivers. The Big Blox tire also pays homage to Pro-Line’s rich racing heritage and 30th Anniversary with Bow-Tie shaped lugs that scoop the Earth and propel your Buggy to the top step of the podium. Great care was taken in detailing the side tread to achieve the same smooth side bite and steering feel found in Pro-Line’s highly successful Multi-time National Champ Blockade Race Tire. The Large Lugs on the Big Blox allow racers to choose softer compounds than previously possible while still lasting through long A-Mains. Step into the Big Time with Pro-Line’s new Big Blox now available in Pro-Line’s new High-Speed and Long Wear European style X Compound

  • 9048-002 – X2 Medium Compound – $22.06
  • 9048-003 – X3 Soft Compound – $22.91
  • 9048-32 – M3 Soft Compound on Velocity Wheels – $35.66
  • 9048-33 – M4 Super Soft Compound on Velocity Wheels – $36.51

Pro-Line Masher 2.8″ Tires on Desperado Wheels
Pro-Line is very excited to announce the availability of the Masher 2.8″ pre-mounted to the wheel that you need. We take the guess work out of your glue job by doing the mounting for you so you can spend your time having fun! The ultra-modern Chevron Style tread digs deep into the roughest and toughest terrain and looks mean doing it. The side tread of this behemoth tire features a hook shape that craters the dirt and achieves unparalleled side traction. After fitting your truck with this massive Masher tread you’ll be ready for back yard thrashing and mashing on any neighborhood terrain. The Masher 2.8” tire is perfect for the Traxxas® Stampede® and Traxxas® Monster Jam Replica Trucks!

  • 1192-12 – Nitro Stampede 2wd Rear, Electric Stampede 2wd Front, Stampede 4×4 F/R – $35.66
  • 1192-13 – Electric Stampede 2wd Rear – $35.66

Pro-Line 4 Rib 2.2″ Buggy Front Tires
Pro-Line’s ultimate 4-Rib front tire provides the best possible steering on all types of track conditions – Now available in M4 Super Soft compound! You too can feel the same control from this ROAR National Champion tire. Made to fit today’s 2.2″ Buggy 2WD front wheels, the 4-Rib tires will improve the handling of your buggy.

  • 8175-03 – M4 Super Soft Compound – $14.41

Pro-Line Ion MC Buggy Tires
The ION proved electrifying from the start, taking the ROAR National Championship in Pro-2 SC at the hands of Ryan Cavalieri. The ION was designed from the ground-up to be the ultimate indoor clay tire requiring zero break-in period and ground breaking performance that is now available for your 4WD Buggy! The unique molecular structure tread design provides unbelievable forward and side traction not yet achieved in any indoor race tire to date. Even with the super-low tread height, maximum wear is reached by the alternating dual center lugs. The ION is also extremely easy to drive due to the super-smooth side tread that flows organically out of the tire sidewall.

  • 8223-17 – 2.2″ 4WD Buggy Front – $15.26
  • 8222-17 – 2.2″ Rear Buggy – $16.11
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