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Original Tamiya Bruiser For Sale

Original Tamiya Bruiser For SaleFor those looking for an all original Tamiya Bruiser to add to your vintage RC car collection, you might want to check out this one that just came up for sale on ebay. According to the seller, there isn’t one reproduction part on this truck. Everything from the body, to that sexy 3 speed transmission, and even the tires are original. Even the electronics are original, including the mechanical speed control, servos and Futaba radio system. The only thing that has been touched up on this truck is the body as it was stripped of its original paint job and then repainted to replicate the Bruiser’s box art paint job. Read the rest of the details and see the pics below.

Sorry, this item has sold! How about picking up a re-released Tamiya Bruiser?

Hi. Up for your consideration is my ALL Original and Vintage Tamiya Bruiser 4×4 Truck. No Re-release parts are on this fully functional and beautiful piece of Tamiya history. Body was stripped and painted in the typical ” Box Art ” color scheme and looks great. Tires and wheels are original with no cracking anywhere, plenty of use left on them. Motor and transmission are fully functional and truck shifts into ALL gears including reverse. Controller/Receiver are period correct and are fully functional as well as the speed, steering and shifting servos. If you have had a Bruiser in the past and are looking to re-live the past years of your youth, please consider my Bruiser in making those dreams come true.


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