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Ofna X3GT 1/8 Nitro Touring Car

Ofna X3GT 1/8 Nitro Touring CarOfna brings it again with more GT racing action with the X3-GT. The X3’s super smooth driver train will excel for this GT with sealed bearings for greater efficiency and with a two speed and a Force .28 engine that will rocket this car into sheer speed. The looks of the body are also awesome with the cosmic race body as it is designed with low drag for speed. X3-GT is a solid weapon for racing or whipping down the street.

Force. 28 engine has always been the powerplant of choice, the GT is going to love the way it yanks the car and carries the speed. It’s mean and a solid performer. A polished pipe and intergrated fuel tank with fuel clips help route the fuel lines clean and neat.

X3-GT use the two-shoe clutch for the 2-Speed system, nylon spur gears and steel pinions propel the GT up to speed and rolls smoothly on bearings for free rolling operation. A fiber disc brake to slow your car down after reaching your top speed.

An over-head King-Pin steering raises the arms for clearance and the steering hubs low to the outer ends of the car. Light and small kingpins are light and strong, less weight for better steering response. Steering knuckles hold in the high angled CVD for those full turn rates from left to right, large inner hub bearing is long lasting for less heat buildup and bearing failure.

Front Suspension
X3-GT’s front and rear suspensions are meant to stay low, unlike their buggy cousin it’s designed to sweep corners and hug the road. Low crafted shock towers and super short stroke shocks maintain the performance over and over again, we have had the best shock in the industry with buggies and X3 is brought with same design.

Rear Suspension
V2 big bore short stroke shocks keep the GT low but ride height can be set for what you want, firm springs and 3.5 shock shafts provide rebound and smooth dampening. Hard coated shock bodies have long life on wear as the pistons does the job of carrying the car into and out of corners, OFNA’s best shocks on it’s best cars and X3-GT is one of them.

Rear Diffuser
X3-GT’s front and rear bumpers protect the car front and rear but the rear bumper is also designed to help channel the air from under the car and defuses the air for more rear suspension grip. The bumper is relative to the DM-1 and created an industry standard for big GT cars so it has been brought over to the X3-GT.


  • Part: 34939


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  1. ben

    I love that body it looks so sleak

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