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Novak Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw Motors

Novak Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw Motors

Racers and hardcore enthusiasts need a motor that is not only fast, but designed for the demands of World Championship-caliber racers and the harsh conditions of the open track. Novak engineers have taken the proven Ballistic platform to the next level with the Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw brushless motors. New high-RPM stator, new endbells, and fresh rotor options give racers and power-hungry bashers exactly what they are looking for. Like its predecessor, Novak’s Vulcan motors are 100% user rebuildable, tunable, and serviceable. The Vulcan line-up brings Novak’s 35+ years of racing experience, and its engineering-driven design team together for a blend of performance and quality that is un-matched and backed by a name you can trust.

Novak Vulcan Spec
For sanctioned spec-class racing dominance, the Vulcan Spec uses the largest wire diameter permitted, and is hand-wound (US-made red wire), assembled and tested by Novak motor experts. The combination of American red wire and Novak’s race-winning stator design has been proven time and time again to provide the performance advantage all racers are looking for. The Vulcan Spec is “THE” motor to have in the spec racing world.

Novak Vulcan Outlaw
Maximum power in spec-turn motors is what the Vulcan Outlaw series is all about. Rules go by the wayside as Novak engineers have designed the Outlaw for maximum speed. This motor features Novak’s ULR (ultra-low-resistance) stators that are wound for maximum copper fill and, simply put, make more power. The Vulcan Outlaw motors are perfect for tracks that use their own breed of rules, or for racers who want to unleash the full potential of a spec-turn motor.

The Vulcan Advantage
Novak has been building sensored racing motors for over 10 years—longer than any other brushless motor manufacturer. The Vulcan is bred from these years of experience, uses high-quality materials, and has pride of craftsmanship.

  • High Quality Steel: Novak uses the highest quality steel in the stators, and has developed a proven stator shape. Used to win countless races over the years, and proven to be one of the most efficient designs on the market. Vulcan stators have been updated slightly to increase the basic RPM range. Since the stators are interchangeable, the Vulcan Spec can easily be converted to an Outlaw motor or vice-versa.
  • Red Wire: The wire is the coil of the motor, and Novak uses 100% made in the USA, 99.9% copper wire. The coveted red wire has been the talk of the racing world, and is used in each Vulcan motor.
  • Larger Vents: The Vulcan utilizes an all-new, front endbell with larger vents and a one-piece front can to ensure maximum airflow and proper bearing alignment. The timing assembly has also been improved to allow easy, consistent, and a wide adjustment range. An easier to service motor means you are back on the track faster!
  • Tuning Rotors: The Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw motors either include a 12.3mm or 12.5mm rotor depending upon the wind. For “outlaw” tracks, the 13mm and 14mm rotors offer more options for torque hungry racers. The Vulcan motors allow you to experiment for your perfect feel.

Ready to Race
Spec racing has been proven to be the ultimate battle ground. Aspiring pro racers, long-time local pros, spec-class cherry pickers, all come together to duke it out. Novak’s Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw motors give racers the advantage due to the motor’s core design. Torque and RPM create the power, and how you get there has much to do with the efficiency. Solid and consistent power comes from an efficient design with no mask of crazy torque, or super RPM. The Vulcan motors have been developed to give racers the best balance of RPM and torque for today’s generation of spec classes, gearing ranges, and vehicle designs. Early testing has been extremely positive and most have cried “cheater!” to our test racers.

The new Novak Vulcan motors have the same race-friendly, Ballistic brushless motor design and is completely rebuildable. At the track, service and repairs are a snap, allowing you to get back to turning laps right away. Replaceable sensor harness, replaceable and tuning rotors, replaceable sensor board, replaceable stator, replaceable end bells and bearings- you name it. If the motor has it, you can pick up the spare part and be back in action in no time!


  • #3630 – Novak Vulcan Outlaw 10.5T
  • #3633 – Novak Vulcan Outlaw 13.5T
  • #3637 – Novak Vulcan Outlaw 17.5T
  • #3638 – Novak Vulcan Outlaw 21.5T
  • #3640 – Novak Vulcan Spec 10.5T
  • #3643 – Novak Vulcan Spec 13.5T
  • #3647 – Novak Vulcan Spec 17.5T
  • #3648 – Novak Vulcan Spec 21.5T

Novak Vulcan Spec and Vulcan Outlaw Motors

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