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Novak Pulse V2 Pro Brushless ESC

Novak Pulse V2 Pro Brushless ESC

Novak’s top of the line 1/10 scale racing ESC has received an update to its hardware and firmware to add more performance and adjustability. The Pulse V2 has an all-new power board with integrated power capacitors, and updated Super-Tuner firmware with enhanced braking functionality. This new robust design is built for the next generation of serious racing enthusiasts to take on the toughest tracks and the heaviest loads. The Pulse V2 includes all the features racers have come to love about the Pulse including ultra-smooth X-Drive for ultimate performance, Super-Tuner interface for the fastest set-up changes with the simplest and most adjustable menu system to date, and Novak’s Dynamic Timing Advance for insane speed. Also standard is a heavy-duty 5-amp BEC and ultra-duty 12-gauge power wires. This pure, sensor-based pro racing ESC is designed to accommodate the high end demands of all 2S LiPo racing applications from modified touring to open 4X4SCT. If you are looking for the ultimate 10th scale racing ESC, look no further than Novak’s Pulse V2.

To deliver unmatched performance and usability in the high-end ESC category, Novak engineers developed enhanced, on-board programming to ensure that customizing and tuning the Pulse V2 to your racing style has never been easier. With Novak’s Super-Tuner™ interface, nothing extra is needed, and making changes trackside is a snap! Gone are the days of special boxes, programmers, or lugging expensive laptops to the dusty track. Novak’s Super-Tuner interface features a modern menu system that is accessed with the ESC’s programming button and 5 different-colored LEDs. Multiple parameters are adjustable including Start & Final RPM. These values use a unique table system that covers all usable RPM ranges. Dynamic Timing Advance can be adjusted in 1-degree increments, or in 10-degree steps. The new Brake Power setting allows easy and precise control of the ESC’s overall braking power. Rather than using the transmitter’s settings, the Pulse V2 has its own brake EPA settings so that high speed braking is adjusted directly in the ESC. The tuning options are endless!

Customizable Profiles
The Novak-developed Super-Tuner also has 5 throttle profiles that can be tuned individually and saved independently. This feature allows a driver to set up 5 profiles for different types of classes, or 5 similar profiles to quickly and easily make major changes to the ESC. Each setting can be set up for different conditions and can be changed faster than you can say “Where’s my laptop?”. The Pulse V2 comes pre-loaded with factory profiles suited for today’s most popular applications:

  • Profile 1: No timing, “blinky mode”, with classic default values that are suited for most conditions.
  • Profile 2: No timing, “blinky mode”, with higher minimum brake & drive values for higher-grip conditions.
  • Profile 3: Mild timing set-up similar to Profile #1 with timing turned ON and a wide default RPM range.
  • Profile 4: Medium timing profile with mild timing settings and a more aggressive RPM range.
  • Profile 5: No timing, “blinky mode”, just like Profile #1, but with Reverse turned ON. Great for practice or bashing!

For unmatched top speeds and incredible power, Novak engineers have developed Xtra-Timing. This algorithm controls the second-level timing that is applied “on top of” the Dynamic Timing Advance when the exact conditions have been met. The Xtra-Timing interface looks at your motor’s RPM, how quickly the motor is accelerating, the throttle position, as well as a few other top secret factors to give your motor insane RPM increases. This feature is for experienced experts only!

Timing Options
The Super-Tuner firmware in the Pulse V2 ESC includes 6 specialized RPM tables for fine-tuning of the Dynamic Timing Advance. Tables include: 1S Racing; 2S Spec Racing; 2S Mod Racing (fine step range); 2S General/SCT Racing (coarse steps & wider range); Open/Speed Run; and a very specialized 10.5T Large Track RPM table. Each table features evenly-spaced RPM steps throughout the range of user-selectable start and final RPMs that are independently chosen to tell the ESC when to turn on the Dynamic Timing Advance.

Race Ready

  • 12-Gauge Power Wire– The Pulse V2 is factory-wired with 12-gauge silicone battery and motor power wires that are easy to replace for factory-like rewire jobs. These wires don’t just have a 12 printed on them─ they are top-quality, Novak Super-Flex wires.
  • Extreme Duty BEC– The Pulse V2 features a an ultra-duty 5 amp BEC to ensure your power hungry servos will get what they ask for…Power!
  • Integrated Power Capacitor Bank– This power capacitor bank is directly mounted to the power board and delivers power to the motor more effectively. More effective delivery of power means more performance. Racers and testers have reported a lower ESC operating temperature and more consistent throttle and brake response.
  • Full Coverage Heat Sink– Heat sink is cross-cut and makes direct contact with all 18, ultra-low RDS-on, dual-cool power MOSFETs for optimum heat dissipation.
  • Heavy-Duty, High-Power PCB– PCB is embedded with thick, pure-copper traces to ensure minimal losses and the best performance. No wimpy PCB for this ESC!
  • Designed to Last– A silicone-gasket between the case & PCB protects against dirt, debris, & moisture. The Pulse is built to take the abuse that racing dishes out.
  • Trans/Receiver Rate- To keep pace with the latest transmitter and receiver technology, the Pulse V2 has a Trans/Receiver Rate mode to allow for use with the new generation ultra-fast latency radio systems such as the Airtonics M12.

Added Protection and Monitoring

  • Low-Voltage Protection– A low-voltage LiPo protection segment monitors the LiPo pack’s voltage thousands of times per second and prevents the pack from ever falling below the critical safety voltage.
  • Thermal Protection– The ESC keeps tabs on its core operating temperature and will back down its power to prevent the ESC from overheating.
  • On-Board Temperature Diagnostics– With a quick tap of the One-Touch button, multi-colored LEDs will indicate how hot the ESC is for instant temperature information. No external device is needed.
  • Error Sensing– The ESC provides additional feedback via multi-colored LEDs, allowing for quicker trouble-shooting.
  • Motor Lock-Up Protection– If your drive train or motor becomes bound up or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cut the power to prevent damage.
  • Hall Effect Sensor Test– This built-in test allows you to confirm that your motor’s sensors and sensor harness are in good working order.


  • Release Date: March 2014
  • 1756 – Novak Pulse V2 Pro ESC – $210
  • 3171 – Pulse V2 with Vulcan 7.5t – $250
  • 3172 – Pulse V2 with Vulcan 17.5t – $250
  • 3173 – Pulse V2 with Ballistic 550 4.5t – $330


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