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Novak Impact Vulcan Mod 7.5T Race Combo

Novak Impact Vulcan Mod 7.5T Race ComboAt the edge of performance, engineers are forced to make design decisions. Many of today’s high-end racing vehicles have left little room for the ESC. Novak has taken this to heart and has developed the Impact and Vulcan Mod 7.5T combo specifically for these applications. The Impact shares many Super-Tuner™ features with its bigger brother the Pulse, but comes in a smaller, lighter package that fits into even the tightest of electronic compartments. The full coverage, cross-cut heat sink, and high-powered, low-loss MOSFETS allow the Impact to run with the big dogs!

The Impact and Vulcan Mod 7.5T offer racers the perfect blend of size and performance. With full-featured onboard programming, factory-installed wire, and Novak’s proven Super-Tuner™ with X-Drive, the Impact will be sure to impress. The Vulcan Mod 7.5T is the next generation of the proven Ballistic platform. The Vulcan motor’s high-RPM stator and improved end bell, offers racers smoother delivery of power and an easy-to-adjust timing assembly.

Like its predecessor, Novak’s Vulcan motors are 100% user rebuildable, tunable, and serviceable. The Vulcan motor series brings Novak’s 35+ years of racing experience, and its engineering-driven design team together for a blend of performance and quality that is unmatched and backed by a name you can trust.

Novak Vulcan Impact Combo Features and Specs:

  • Small and lightweight modified racing combo ideal for vehicles that have tight fitting spaces for the ESC
  • ESC and motor designed and tested to work optimally together
  • Super-Tuner firmware for quick and complete ESC customization
  • 5 customizable profiles that can be easily saved onboard for multiple track setups
  • Specialized RPM tables for fine tuning the Dynamic Timing Advance
  • Short-stack, high RPM stator that’s hand wound by Novak motor experts with Novak’s American Red Wire
  • Largest permitted rotor for spec class racing- 12.5mm
  • Vented endbell for maximum airflow and a one-piece front can to ensure proper bearing alignment
  • Completely rebuildable motor design with an interchangeable stator design and several tuning rotor options
  • Part: 3156

Novak Vulcan Impact Combo Pictures:

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