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Novak GTB 3 Racing ESC

Novak GTB 3 Racing ESCNovak’s original competition brushless ESC has returned for a 3rd generation of updates and improvements. Novak’s all-new GTB 3 ESC retains complete on-board programming for quick trackside adjustments, one-touch set-up for easy transmitter pairing, NovaBrakes for incredible braking power, and the race-proven X-Drive for ultra-smooth throttle response. Add these standard features to a host of hardware changes to make a more robust and efficient design. The GTB and GTB 2 have proven to be favorites with the racing world, casual basher, and budget-minded value hunter. The GTB 3 is built on these same roots and delivers awesome race proven performance at an amazing price point.

Hardware Updates
Hardware updates to the GTB 3 include a completely integrated bank of power capacitors (i.e. no more external power cap!). This power capacitor bank is directly mounted to the power board and delivers power to the motor more effectively. More effective delivery of power means more performance. Racers and testers have reported a lower ESC operating temperature and more consistent throttle and brake response with the GTB 3’s new robust hardware design. Also new to the platform is the full size JST receiver wires. The standard sized plug and connector improve power delivery to the receiver and servo under the heavy loads of metal gear servos and ultra-fast 2.4 radio systems.

Idea Spec ESC
Novak’s GTB 2 platform has been a staple at race tracks all over the world. The GTB 3 ESC offers the perfect ESC for almost any class of racing from local Sportsman club racing, to Pro Modified 4X4 Short Course, to any form of on-road racing. The GTB 3 excels in the non-ramping /non-timing Spec Classes and can easily handle the demands of modified 540 and 550-sized motors. It has no built-in timing or motor-ramping features so there is no need to worry about firmware versions, lights or blinks. The GTB 3 is designed to be Spec Legal!

Ready To Install
The GTB 3 has no electronic timing option and is Spec racing, or “blinky” mode ready. Novak engineers worked closely with team drivers to optimize the default profile for maximum performance in Spec class racing. For additional trackside tuning, the GTB 3 has eleven adjustable parameters to dial in the perfect feel and performance. The GTB 3 is ready out of the box and comes with genuine Novak 14-gauge wire pre-installed from the factory. For heavy-duty applications, the GTB 3 includes a cooling fan that can be mounted on the full-coverage heat sink and plugged into the ESC for power.

Loaded With Features
The GTB 3 has everything you need. If you want to fine-tune the feel and response of the ESC, there are 11 on-board adjustments using the One-Touch button. There is no complicated PC programming or use of external programming devices. Adjustments are fast and easy and can be dialed in anywhere for the ultimate flexibility. The GTB 3 also features NovaBrakes™. This revolutionary braking system provides instantaneous and unbelievably smooth brake response for every application. The GTB 3 includes a new Brake Power setting which allows easy and precise control of the ESC’s overall braking bower. Rather than using the transmitter’s settings, the GTB 3 has its own brake EPA settings so that high speed braking is adjusted directly in the ESC. The tuning options are endless!

Added Protection and Enhanced Monitoring

  • Low-Voltage Protection– A low-voltage LiPo protection segment monitors the LiPo pack’s voltage thousands of times per second and prevents the pack from ever falling below the critical safety voltage.
  • Thermal Protection– The ESC keeps tabs on its core operating temperature and will back down its power to prevent the ESC from overheating.
  • On-Board Temperature Diagnostics– With a quick tap of the One-Touch button, multi-colored LEDs will indicate how hot the ESC is for instant temperature information. No external device is needed.
  • Error Sensing– The ESC provides additional feedback via multi-colored LEDs, allowing for quicker trouble-shooting.
  • Motor Lock-Up Protection– If your drive train or motor becomes bound up or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cut the power to prevent damage.
  • Hall Effect Sensor Test– This built-in test allowsyou to confirm that your motor’s sensors and sensor harness are in good working order.


  • Release Date: March 2014
  • 1747 – Novak GTB 3 ESC – $130
  • 3126 – GTB3 with Vulcan 7.5t – $210
  • 3127 – GTB3 with Vulcan 17.5t – $210


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2 Responses

  1. Dave

    I’m having trouble with mine: NO reverse.
    Offers only mode one or 2.

    • Dave, Sorry for the late reply. I know this isn’t very helpful but your best bet is to contact Novak and see if they have any idea what could be wrong. They have always replied to my emails pretty quickly. Their email is tech@teamnovak.com or you can call them at (949) 916-6044

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