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Novak Crusher ESC and 550 Motor Combo

Novak Crusher ESC and 550 Motor 4x4 SCT ComboNovak just announced that they will now be offering their recently introduced Crusher Brushless ESC with a 6.5t 3400Kv 550 Ballistic motor aimed at 4×4 short course trucks. Novak’s Ballistic 550 motor provides massive power and efficiency, and is the largest race legal motor for 4×4 short course trucks. Clearing tough sections will not be a power problem with the Ballistic 550. Novak’s rugged, purely sensor-based Crusher ESC, with its new Simple Tuner interface, will provide crisp and smooth throttle response.

With added features like a 2S-4S operating range, 5-amp BEC, complete on-board programming, sealed case, auto-detect LiPo cutoff, ESC thermal protection, and a rebuildable/upgradable motor, the Crusher 4X4 SCT Brushless System is a great blend of performance and easy-to-use features that is ready to power your project today.

Pure Sensor Based System
The Novak Crusher/Ballistic 550 4X4 SCT Brushless System is a pure, sensor-based system for the ultimate in power delivery and smooth controlled driveability. There is no cogging, delays or hesitations due to ESC and motor communications. Throttle and braking responses are direct and precise. Response at any speed or throttle input happens immediately and allows the ESC to know precisely what the motor needs for the best performance. From fully stopped to throttle stabs and the light brake touches, Novak’s pure sensor-based systems provide the best feel, response and performance of any brushless system.

On The Spot Customization
No external programming box or PC device is needed. The Crusher’s Simple Tuner onboard programming allows you to change your favorite settings using the ESC’s simple-to-follow, color-coded LEDs. Most drivers only have a few things they like to adjust. The popular settings are easy to remember and can be changed on the fly when needed. Customizable profiles allow you to completely change the feel and driving style with one master setting.

Dynamic Timing Advance
Ready for a little, or a lot of extra power? Novak’s race-proven Dynamic Timing Advance is included with a simple to use RPM range setting. This functionality allows you to give your motor up to 35 degrees of electronic timing advance that will increase RPM at full throttle! That’s right, when you’re in the wide-open spaces or on a race track, you can always use a bit more “braaap.” That’s exactly what Dynamic Timing Advance does. It gives you a kick in the pants to get you there sooner! The speed control uses electronic timing advance to increase the motor RPM under specific motor RPM and throttle conditions to provide extra top speed. You can select the RPM range the timing kicks in, and you can select how many degrees of dynamic timing are applied.

Novak X-Drive
Novak X-Drive provides incredibly smooth throttle response while maintaining an extremely connected and controlled feel. This motor-firing technology has been taking the racing world by storm and is now included in the Crusher. No speed control is complete without Novak X-Drive!

Rebuildable Motor
The Novak developed sensor-based Ballistic 550 uses the same stator design as Novak’s 540-size brushless motors but is twice the stator length for double the torque. Each stator is hand-wound, assembled, electronically timed, and tested to Novak’s exacting standards. As the Ballistic 550 is completely rebuildable, cleaning and replacing components are a snap and you will be back to turning laps or jumping triples right away.

Crusher ESC
The Crusher is not just a feature packed go-fast machine, Novak’s Simple Tuner™ interface also allows the Crusher to operate with mod or spec motors, Novak brushless crawling motors, and even 4-pole motors. When used with Novak brushless Crawling motors, the Crusher’s rock crawling roots are unlocked. Novak crawling ESCs have the most powerful hold/hill brakes in the industry, and the Crusher features Power Brake settings that will hold even the heaviest crawlers on the steepest of inclines. When you are done scaling tough descents and need to get to the next obstacle or down the trail faster, the Crusher utilizes Novak’s Rock Boost™ for added RPM and top speed. The Crusher can also be used with standard 540-size motors for all 2S-4S 10th-scale applications including 2WD off-road and spec racing, or used with 4-pole motors. With the Crusher’s 4 pre-loaded and customizable profiles, you can race your 4X4 Friday night, hook up a spec motor and race “blinky” mode on Saturday, and get out the crawling rig with a Novak brushless motor on Sunday for a weekend of R/C nirvana!


  • Part: 3086
  • Price: $200


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