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Novak Crusher Brushless ESC

Novak Crusher Brushless Rock Crawling ESCCheck out the new Novak Crusher Brushless ESC! The Novak Crusher was born out of the need to fill the gap of a single multifunctional speed control that could accommodate a multitude of applications including rock crawlers, rock racers, short course, and even the heavy-duty RC applications that have no category! The Novak Crusher 2S, 3S, and 4S rated, sensor-based brushless ESC fills that gap and provides amazing power, response and speed at your fingertips. With auto-detect LiPo sensing and complete onboard programming, the Crusher brings a new level of user-friendly operation and on-the-spot adjustability. The Novak Crusher includes a replaceable receiver harness, a full coverage heat sink, and cooling fan. It is available as a stand alone unit or in three different combo packs with Novak brushless motors.

Crawling Mode

When used with Novak rock crawling brushless motors, the Crusher can operate in instant-reverse or Crawling Mode. This mode has proven to be a favorite among brushless rock crawlers and offers unique braking and forward/reverse operation that has no reverse delay, which allows instant reverse! This mode also features Novak’s exclusive powered hill/hold/drag brake when used with a Novak crawling motor. The powered hill/hold/drag provides the strongest automatic neutral point brakes to date. This means even the heaviest of vehicles will hold on the steepest of inclines. The 100% pure sensor-based design ensures ultra-fine, low speed control, and non-stop torque throughout the throttle range.

Extreme Sport Bash Mode
When used with standard Novak brushless motors the Crusher is a full-featured bashing ESC for 2S, 3S, or 4S LiPo setups. The Crusher is not your typical bashing ESC with limited settings, lock out modes, or slimmed down construction. The Crusher is based on Novak’s pro race-level ESC platform, and has complete onboard adjustability with fan favorite default settings. The Crusher is suited for normal sized 540 motors, and will handle the larger 550 motors with ease as well.

RPM Boost Timing
Boost is back! Exclusive to the Crusher when used with Novak motors and 2S LiPo packs. But what is it? RPM Boost Timing is Novak’s race-proven Dynamic Timing Advance and Xtra Timing combined to give your motor higher RPM at full throttle! That’s right, when you’re in the wide-open spaces, you can always use a bit more “braaap.” That’s exactly what RPM Boost does, it gives you a kick in the pants to get you there sooner! The ESC uses electronic timing advance to increase the motor RPM under specific motor RPM and throttle conditions to provide extra top speed.

The Crusher has been developed to be used with Novak motors and will switch between Extreme Sport and Crawling modes when you switch motors. No setting changes or adjustments to your motors are needed! Simply swap out your motor and the ESC will check for crawling or standard sensor info and automatically adjust accordingly. Standard race motors cannot be operated in rock crawling modes, but rock crawling motors can be forced into standard modes using the instant reverse feature.

On The spot Customization
No external programming box or PC device is needed. The Novak Crusher’s complete onboard programming allows you to change your favorite settings using the simple to follow, color-coded LEDs on the ESC. Most drivers only have a few things they like to adjust. The popular settings are easy to remember and can be changed on the fly when needed.

18.5T and 21.5T Combo
Rock Crawling has become more than just getting across tough terrain the safest way possible. Rock races, tough truck challenges, and various forms of ultra and ultimate 4×4 formats have created a demand for a wide range, high powered, compact system. The Crusher crawling combos are here to answer that call, and are available in two motor turns- 18.5T (#3258) and 21.5T (#3259). Each combo includes Novak’s new Crusher ESC which features all of the proven Novak rock crawling features like powered hill brakes, instant reverse, and full-time sensor-based performance for unmatched low- speed throttle response and power. Add to that a completely rebuildable Ballistic Crawler Brushless Motor, and a system that comes ready to install out of the package, and the Novak Crusher Crawler Combo has everything you’ve been looking for!

17.5T Extreme Sport Combo
The all new Novak Crusher Extreme Sport Brushless System, which includes Novak’s new pure sensor-based Crusher ESC and Novak’s Ballistic Spec 17.5T brushless motor, can accommodate 2S, 3S and even 4S LiPo battery packs. The versatile Crusher Brushless ESC is ready to take on a wide range of applications, from 4×4 monster trucks to the voltage-hungry speed run fanatics. With features like auto-detect LiPo cutoff, ESC thermal protection, factory-wired with 14 gauge power wires, complete onboard programming, rebuildable/upgradable motor and more, the Crusher Extreme Sport System is a great blend of performance and easy-to-use features that is ready to power your project today.

Novak X-Drive
Novak X-Drive provides incredibly smooth throttle response while maintaining an extremely connected and controlled feel. This motor-firing technology has been taking the racing world by storm and is now included in the Crusher. No ESC is complete without X-Drive™!

Full-Coverage Heat Sink
For proper heat dissipation, the Novak Crusher takes full advantage of its robust size and features a full-size, cross-cut heat sink that has direct contact with all of the power MOSFETs. Whether you are ripping through the high desert or climbing mountains in the heat of the day, the heat sink is the first line of defense against heat build-up. Cooling fan included.

Heavy Duty High-Power PCB
The Crusher uses an extremely heavy-duty and thick PC board that is embedded with massive, pure copper traces to ensure your ESC performs at its best.

Factory Installed Power Wires
The Crusher comes factory-installed with 14 gauge silicone battery and motor power wires that are easy to replace for factory-like, re-wire jobs. These power wires don’t just have a “14” printed on them – they are top-quality, Novak Super-Flex wires.

High-Powered 5 Amp BEC
The Novak Crusher’s built-in BEC is based on the proven linear regulator BEC in racing ESCs. This ESC provides 6 volts and up to 5 amps of receiver and servo power. If a high-amperage servo is used, an external BEC is recommended (Novak #5465 for 2S setups and #5463 for 3S and 4S setups).

Low-Voltage Protection
A new low-voltage LiPo protection segment has been developed and will monitor the LiPo pack voltage thousands of times per second. In order to prevent the pack from ever falling below the critical safety voltage, the ESC will simply reduce the power, slowing down the vehicle.

Thermal Protection
The ESC keeps tabs on its core operating temperature and will reduce its power to prevent the ESC from overheating

On-Board Temperature Diagnostics
With a quick tap of the One-Touch button, multi-colored LEDs will indicate how hot the ESC is for instant temperature information.

Error Sensing
Sampling has been expanded to provide additional feedback via multi-colored LEDs, allowing for quicker trouble-shooting.

Motor Lock-Up Protection
If your drive train or motor becomes bound up or jammed, the ESC will detect this and cut the power to prevent damage.

Hall Effect Sensor Test
This built-in test allows you to confirm that your motor’s sensors and sensor harness are in good working order.

Motor Compatibility
The Novak Crusher Brushless ESC is compatible with 540 and 550-size sensored brushless motors. To engage the instant reverse and additional crawling mode features, a Novak crawling motor such as the Ballistic Crawler is needed.

Novak Crusher Specs

  • Motor Type: Sensored Brushless
  • Fwd/Brk/Rev: F/Drag Brake/R (F/B/R when used with a non-crawling motor)
  • Input Cells: 2-4S LiPo cells or 4-14 NiMH
  • Size: 1.16” x 1.47” x 0.96″ (29.5 x 37.3 x 24.4 mm)
  • Weight: 1.42 oz. (40.4 g)
  • On-Resistance: 0.00040 ohms @ 25°C
  • Motor Limit 2S: 6.5-turn 540-size – 4.5T 550-size
  • Motor Limit 3S: 13.5-turn 540-size – 6.5T 550-size
  • Motor Limit 4S: 13.5-turn 540-size – 7.5T 550-size
  • BEC: 6.0 volts DC / 5.0 amps
  • Wire Size: 14G Super-Flex Copper-Strand Silicone Wire
  • 1833 – Novak Crusher ESC – $140
  • 3258 – Novak Crusher with 18.5T Combo – $195
  • 3259 – Novak Crusher with 21.5T Combo – $195
  • 3257 – Novak Crusher with 17.5 Extreme Sport Combo -$195

Novak Crusher Pictures

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