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Novak Ballistic Spec High RPM Brushless Motors

Novak Ballistic Spec High RPM Brushless Motors 10.5t 13.5tFor you spec racers, Novak just announced two new Ballistic High RPM Spec brushless motors, in 10.5T and 13.5T varieties. The two new motors join the 17.5T spec motor Novak announced in July. All of the Novak High-RPM Spec motors feature a higher Kv stator wound with Novak’s low-resistance red wire, and vented end bells for cooler operation. In addition to the complete motors Novak will also make stators available for these motors that allow racers to convert any Ballistic series motor into a spec-racing bullet! Check out the full specs after the jump, then hop over to your local hobby shop in October to pick one up for yourself!


  • Pro spec sensored motor featuring a higher Kv stator hand wound with Novak’s low-resistance red wire for higher RPM and
  • Vented end bells for cooler operating motor temperatures resulting in faster speeds and longer run-times
  • Engineered by Novak to meet ROAR specifications
  • Replaceable sensor harness, rotor, sensor board, hand-wound stator, sleeve, end bells, ball bearings, and hardware
  • Adjustable motor timing for fine tuning of motor feel and power band
  • Removable shielded sensor harness
  • Oversized front bearing for increased load handling and bearing life
  • Nickel-plated, sintered Neodymium rotor magnetized by Novak


  • Motor Size: 2.07″ x 1.41″ (52.5 x 35.8mm)
  • Shaft Diameter: 1/8″ (0.125″)
  • Weight: 6.1oz (173g)
  • Rotor: High Strength Sintered Neodymium
  • #3620 – 10.5T 4,400Kv 235w
  • #3623 – 13.5T 3,475Kv 195w
  • #3627 – 17.5T 2,350Kv 130w
  • #S6623 – 13.5T Stator
  • #S6620 – 10.5T Stator

Novak Ballistic Spec High RPM Brushless Motors 10.5t 13.5t

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