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Home Offroad RC Mugen MBX7T 1/8 Nitro Truggy

Mugen MBX7T 1/8 Nitro Truggy

Mugen MBX7T 1/8 Nitro TruggyMugen is excited to officially unveil the new MBX7T 1/8 Nitro Truggy! Features include a 3mm hard anodized chassis, lightweight steel spur and differential gears, 5mm aluminum lower suspension plates and front shock tower, 4mm aluminum rear shock tower, big bore shocks and a sleek cab forward body. The MBX7T is expected to the streets this May.

Mugen concentrated on creating the truggy that would carry natural corner speed with new long length front and rear suspension arms. The MBX7T front suspension is very unique compared to any other truggy on the market as you have full adjustability of track width with the ultra-smooth pillar ball design; you have maximum camber, caster and roll center adjustments. The rear suspension creates more rear traction and ultra-smooth action through bumps, jumps and another other obstacles that you attack with the MBX7T. The rear suspension has fully adjustable anti-squat and toe in with simple bushing changes in the pivot and rear toe in block. The high quality Mugen big bore shocks come stock on the MBX7T so you can be confident that you suspension will be hooked up to the surface.

The drive train was worked on to be lighter and more efficient. The front/rear conical gears and spur gear is cut out to reduce rotation mass. Both the bevel and conical diff gears are straight cut and heat treated for maximum smoothness and reliability. A specialized brake cam, brake disc and linkage will give you full linear braking power that the truggy will need.


  • Release Date: May 2014
  • Part: E2103


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