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Mugen MBX7 1/8 Off Road Buggy

Mugen MBX7 1/8 Off Road BuggyMugen is proud to announce their newest 1/8 scale nitro RC buggy, the MBX7! The newly developed MBX7 buggy features a lightweight set of conical differential gears, a lightened aluminum spur gear, 3mm hard anodized aluminum chassis, hard anodized threaded shocks, optimized geometry on the new 5mm aluminum shock towers, improved braking system and more! It is expected to be released next month so keep an eye open for this hot new racer!


  • 3mm A7075 hard-anodized chassis
  • Lightweight spur and conical gears
  • Re-designed F/R upper & lower suspension arms and uprights
  • 15mm hard-anodized threaded shock with optimized geometry
  • Shorten front shock body with re-designed F/R shock boots
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum front shock tower with optimized geometry & 4mm A7075 aluminum rear shock towers
  • 5mm A7075 aluminum suspension mounts for optimized geometry
  • Improved brake system (new brake cam F/R & linkage and brake disc)
  • Relocated molded composite receiver box & low-CG battery holder
  • Re-designed fuel tank with fuel pickup system & quick pull cap
  • E0710 H.D. aluminum clutch shoes
  • Optimized steering geometry (New servo saver & steering plate & upright arm)
  • Aerodynamically enhanced performance body
  • High down force wing & mount with slider system for more or less down force


  • Width: 309mm
  • Wheelbase: 315-320mm
  • Gear Ratio: 11.98:1
  • Weight: 3,370g
  • Part: #E2001


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