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Home Offroad RC MCD RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition Buggy

MCD RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition Buggy

MCD RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition BuggyMCD announces another special edition version of the RR5 large scale buggy! The new MCD RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition Buggy comes equipped with all of the optional alloy upgrades developed by the MCD Racing Engineering Department including the LSD alloy diff case, Pro-Bite racing clutch, front and rear alloy suspension arm set, alloy hubs, alloy steering servo turnbuckle, alloy clutch housing, air box intake silencer, the Barracuda G performance tuned exhaust and more. There will only be 100 RR5 Ultimate CF Limited Edition buggies made, so get yours while you can!


  • LSD Diff. Case Alloy
  • F/R CCD Axle Alloy
  • Brake Disc Light Weight ABS
  • Pro-Bite Racing Clutch
  • F/R Wishbone Alloy Set Complete
  • Front Hub Alloy Set L/R
  • L/R Caster Block Set 0 Deg.Alloy
  • Rod-end Lightweight Turnbuckle Set Alloy
  • Rear Shock Absorber Body Alloy
  • Front Shock Absorber Body Alloy
  • Steering Servo Turnbuckle Alloy
  • Center Diff.Holder Set Alloy
  • Brake Plate Alloy
  • Lay Shaft Carrier Alloy Set
  • Clutch Bell Carrier Alloy
  • Engine Clutch House Alloy
  • Front Stiffener Alloy
  • Rear Stiffener Alloy Set
  • Top Stiffener Alloy
  • Carburetor / Air Filter Venturi Alloy
  • Air Box Intake Silencer
  • Barracuda G Performance Exhaust Set


  • Part: 00514002


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