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Home Offroad RC Mammuth Works Rewarron 1/3 Scale Short Course Truck

Mammuth Works Rewarron 1/3 Scale Short Course Truck

Mammuth Works Rewarron 1/3 Short Course TruckSo you thought your Losi 5IVE was the biggest baddest radio controlled short course truck on the planet? Well the guys over at Mammuth Works have a bit of a surprise for you. The new 1/3 scale Mammuth Rewarron is the R/C short course truck to dwarf all R/C short course trucks. It features an onboard touch screen controller that allows you to adjust various vehicle settings including brake balance, adaptive steering, abs and traction control and is powered by a 6.5 horsepower 110cc four stroke engine that propels this massive truck to over 40mph. Mammuth also plans to offer an upgraded model with a tuned engine, carbon fiber body and full telemetry system!

Mammuth Rewarron

  • Fiberglass body
  • Stainless steel components
  • Basic 110cc engine
  • On-board touch screen controller with the following features: adjustable brake balance, adaptive steering (depending on speed), real abs and traction control with adjustable sensitivity
  • Price: $14.990

Mammuth Rewarron Premium

  • Carbon fiber body
  • Alumium components
  • Tuned engine
  • On-board controller
  • Two sided telemetry
  • Telemetry center PC which stores the data (and uploads to a cloud if required)
  • Drive by device (iOS, Android), you can adjust the car setup on a tablet, laptop or an smartphone
  • Follow the sensors values: fuel level, voltage, G-forces, compass, GPS, RPM, speed, etc.
  • Price: $29.990


  • Length: 72″ (1850mm)
  • Width: 35″ (900mm)
  • Height: 29″ (750mm)
  • Weight: 220lbs (100kg)
  • Power: 6.5hp
  • Torque: 7Nm

Source: Mammuth Works

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3 Responses

  1. Rick

    Amazing! Though you have to ask yourself how this costs the same amount to build as a full size automobile. I’m guessing they are hoping for a handfull of millionaires rc car fanatics to come along and pick a few of these up. Can’t say I wouldn’t do the same if I had the cash.

  2. Rockenstein

    You could probably ride it.

  3. John Dies

    Where are you located at?

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