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LRP Offering Free Upgrade For SXX ESC

LRP SXX V1 V2 ESC Free UpgradeFor a limited time, Team Associated is offering a free lower logic board upgrade for all LRP SXX Version 1 and Version 2 electronic speed controls. Not only does this updated logic board feature a new robust BEC, LRP also redesigned the rest of the board to further improve function and performance. The 125% faster microcontroller and new firmware allow you to turn your existing SXX into a versatile speed control that can be used for both Mod and Stock racing classes, pushing your existing SXX speed control into a whole new dimension!

Terms of the Upgrade Program:

  • Upgrade valid on SXX or SXX Version 2 speed controls (LRP80900 SXX Comp, LRP80905 SXX Comp V2, LRP80910
  • SXX Stock Spec, LRP80915 SXX Stock Spec V2, LRP80950 SXX TC-Spec, LRP80955 SXX TC-Spec V2)
  • Use only a shipper providing a tracking service* (UPS or Fed Ex).
  • Program offered through December 10, 2012.
  • Only valid for customers in North America.
  • Please allow 2 weeks for return shipping from Associated.

More Information:

LRP SXX ESC Free Upgrade

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4 Responses

  1. Gary Fairchild

    by doing the up grade dose that turn this speed control into a flow and if not what im i gaining. and how much dose it coast to do this. are the speed controls sold now have this board and how can i tell if this has been done thank you.

  2. Davi oliveira

    Como eu compro esta placa

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