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Losi Micro Rally X 1/24

Losi Micro Rally X 1/24The Losi Micro Rally-X packs superior driving characteristics and revolutionary Dynamite power innovations into a compact and convenient 1/24-Scale package. This power-packed rally car comes ready-to-run with impressive brushless power and 4wd capabilities. Unlike every other rally car on the market, the micro Rally-X includes the revolutionary Dynamite HyperCharge system. Using the HyperCharge system, the Rally-X LiPo battery can take a full charge in only minutes.

To help accommodate for its shaft-driven 4-wheel-drive system, the Micro Rally-X features a highly durable composite-molded chassis. The micro Rally-X chassis is ready to take and deliver abuse.

HyperCharger System
Included with the Micro Rally-X is the new Dynamite HyperCharge system. This game-changing charging system drastically reduces the time it takes to re-charge the included 225mAh Reaction series battery to just minutes with a 15C charge rate. To help make charging even more seamless, a convenient HyperCharge port has been integrated beneath the Micro Rally-X chassis. This port connects directly to the included LiPo battery and won’t interfere with the driving experience. The included 225mAh Reaction series Dynamite LiPo battery utilizes a custom chemistry unlike any other battery on the market. Not only does this 225mAh LiPo battery deliver ample power, it also recharges at a 15C rate without overheating.

Brushless Motor
At just 1/24-scale, the Micro Rally-X is one of the most deceivingly fast micro rally cars on the market. Utilizing its ferocious 7915Kv brushless power system the Micro Rally-X can leave the competition in the dust with pulverizing authority.

Oil Filled Shocks
Threaded oil-filled shocks are adjustable to your driving preference and ensure superior suspension performance that’s comparable to shocks found in larger rally cars.

The Spektrum DX2E V3 transmitter features extended range DSMR technology and superior comfort and extended range DSM connectivity.


  • Release Date: Late November
  • LOS00002T1 – Losi Rally X 1/24 Red – $175
  • LOS00002T2 – Losi Rally X 1/24 Yellow – $175


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