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Kysoho Mini-Z AWD MA-020 Chassis Set

Kysoho Mini-Z AWD MA-020 Chassis SetCheck out the MA-20 AWD Mini-Z chassis set now being offered by Kyosho. The advanced design of the Mini-Z AWD incorporates four wheel independent suspension and a shaft driven 4WD featuring precision differential gears on front and rear controlled by the pre-installed ASF 2.4GHz unit. The one-piece RA-23T receiver-amp unit features a Chase Mode that boosts the excitement of R/C racing.

When used with a compatible 3-channel transmitter, the Chase Mode acts as a power limiter to restrict output to 70% of full throttle. However, when the opportunity presents itself, push the 3rd button and output is instantaneously increased to 100% for a 3-second burst of speed. Inspired by the boost button on full-size formula racing machines, this new feature dramatically increases the intensity of racing action! Restricting the maximum speed actually allows better driving lines and supports easier control, but once the overtake button is pushed, the machine surges forward like a tiger in attack! However once you’re in front, you become the hunted. The lead can change numerous times during a race with much more overtaking, adding greater excitement to your racing battles.

The Chase mode can be set so the overtake button can only be used a certain number of times per machine (optional No.82080/I.C.S. USB adapter and computer are required). This allows you to apply a handicapping system by restricting the number of speed bursts each car can use, allowing beginners to compete on a more even footing with more experienced drivers.

Of course, the ASF 2.4GHz 2-channel transmitter for the MINI-Z Racer can be used and the optional gyro can be installed inside the upper cover. As it evaluates the running posture of the model it automatically corrects the steering and throttle for smoother control making it easier to drive, especially for beginners and drift drivers.

As this set is packaged without transmitter, it is ideal for existing owners of an ASF 2.4GHz MINI-Z Racer, making it economical as a 2nd or even 3rd model. The advanced AWD chassis and the blistering acceleration from the Chase Mode produce highly addictive levels of excitement and racing action.


  • MA-020 chassis has evolved to the next level with revitalised suspension system.
  • MINI-Z Racer MR-03 front suspension structure included.
  • Rear double wishbone suspension (DWS) installed.
  • ASF2.4GHz R/C system removes need to manage frequency bands. **Transmitter sold separately.
  • Up to 40 cars can be run at the same time.
  • Ultra fast signal processing speed results in almost instantaneous control response.
  • Shipped in standard setup. Can be changed to Chase Mode.
  • Other setting changes can be adjsuted using the I.C.S. USB adapter (sold separately).
  • LED indicator shows power status.
  • AWD machine delivers free control of posture for smooth drift control.
  • Using the narrowest 65mm chassis design, most MINI-Z 01/015 body styles can be installed.
  • Equipped with four ball bearings as standard.
  • Zero point specification with factory-set steering neutral delivers superior straight running.
  • Control timing of reverse can be adjusted.
  • Optional long span rear suspension arm (upper, lower) can be installed.


  • Length: 127.5(M)-135.5mm(L)
  • Width: 65-72mm
  • Height: 43mm
  • Wheelbase: 90(M)-98(LL)mm
  • Tread (F/R): 56.5-63.5mm / 56.5-61mm
  • Tire(F/R): 25.0 (sold separately)
  • Gear Ratio: 7.2, 6.4, 6.0, 5.7, 5.3, 5.0, 4.5 : 1
  • Weight: 120g (approx.)
  • Motor: 130-class motor
  • Release Date: February 2014
  • Part: 32150


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