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Kyosho Toyota 86 MR-03VE Mini-Z Racer

Kyosho Toyota 86 MR-03VE Mini-Z RacerTo commemorate their 50th Anniversary, Kyosho just announced this limited edition Toyota 86 MR-03VE Mini-Z Racer chassis and body set. Features include a pre-installed 5600Kv ECO tuned brushless motor, special brushless circuit board, a previously optional ball differential unit, variable camber suspension, powerful coreless digital steering servo and a pre-painted body.

The benefits of brushless motor technology enhance the world’s greatest micro motor sports machine in the MINI-Z Racer ‘VE’ series. To commemorate its 50th anniversary, Kyosho is proud to introduce this limited release‘MR-03VE BCS version installed with the user-friendly ECO tuned VE motor. This is the first body/chassis set in the VE series. Easy enough for beginners to control, the adrenalin rush of micro motor sports can be enjoyed by more people than ever before. The unique characteristics of brushless motors including the extended high RPM, flat torque feel, low resistance due to no terminal contact, minimal dust and electric noise, have brought new possibilities to the MINI-Z Racer. The effect is particularly felt in the more linear response. Such smooth acceleration makes it easy to forget this is a sensorless brushless motor. Of course this model is officially approved for racing in the MINI-Z Cup. In addition, precision adjustment of each setting can be made with the special circuit board ICS (requires adapter). Go to the Kyosho website for free download of the ‘ICS VE Manager’ software. Even an optional gyro can be installed. The outstanding performance characteristics of the MR-03 chassis are enhanced by the ECO tuned brushless motor to produce a new level of thrilling racing action.

Upper arms connected to king pins and knuckles with ball links allow the camber angle to change with suspension stroke, just like on a real car. Tire contact with the surface remains constant, even during chassis roll and suspension stroke from surface tracing. The newly developed digital steering servo uses a coreless motor that delivers quick steering response and sharp maneuverability that feels like its riding on rails. Also, the upper arm and one-piece cantilever provide ideal cushioned movement for the coil spring. In addition, the stainless steel king pin and wheel shaft delivers smooth movement for excellent running stability. Precision geometry settings eliminate toe in and toe out change during suspension stroke and produce a neutral steering feel. The innovative VCS (Variable Camber Suspension) represents a significant evolutionary step in the history of the MINI-Z.

The powerful position retention and movement of the digital servo is enhanced with the adoption of a coreless motor that provides instantaneous pick up and stopping. In addition, the newly developed steering gear unit has 3 times the gear ratio of previous versions for greater power in holding its position so it holds its line firmly in the face of kickbacks from the road surface and also delivers even more precise movement and response.


  • MR-03 chassis set installed with ECO tuned brushless motor
  • Pre-painted factory assembled plastic body finished with markings
  • Features ball diff set (No.MZW206) as standard
  • Special circuit board has three LEDs for easy view of function status
  • Features newly designed upper cover. Now even easier to install gyro
  • Optional parts compatible with MR-03 chassis can be installed
  • Unique front suspension [VCS] changes the camber angle in accordance with suspension stroke
  • Includes digital steering servo installed with coreless motor


  • Length: 124-133mm
  • Width: 65-76mmmm
  • Height: 34-35mm
  • Wheelbase: 86-106mm
  • Release Date: November 2013
  • Part: 32762JKB-B
  • Price: $329


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  1. Defan

    Leave it to Kyosho to use this to celebrate their 50th anniversary with a pink mini z. An all gold plated Inferno would make more sense.

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