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Kyosho Inferno Neo ST 2.0 Race Spec

Kyosho Inferno Neo ST 2.0 Race Spec Meet the new Kyosho Inferno Neo ST 2.0 Race Spec truggy! The Inferno Neo ST 2.0 ReadySet is a ready to run and factory assembled nitro powered racing truck that’s got World and National Championship origins. It’s built on a foundation that benefits from more than a decade of development and refinement. The channeled aluminum chassis is made from stronger, more durable alloy. It’s supported at the front and rear bulkheads by molded chassis braces, which are allowed to flex more than rigid aluminum braces. For years this has been a performance secret of many Kyosho racing vehicles, because a more compliant chassis brace has been the key to superior traction and handing. The bulkheads and suspension arms are taken right from the ST-RR Evo racing kit, and the three-differential drivetrain is so effective that its one of the most copied components in the history of RC racing. Front, center and rear differentials transfer power to the wheels via a strong shaft drive system with ultra-smooth front universal driveshafts. A double disc brake system provides ample stopping power, and it’s adjustable to your liking if you decide to experiment.

Molded composite big-bore shocks are fitted with distinctive bronze anodized shock caps and threaded spring pre-load adjusters. The aluminum shock towers are fitted with steel upper shock mounts, and the lower ends of the shocks mount directly to the suspension. The shocks are fully adjustable of course, and they fit a wide range of optional performance racing springs developed for the ST-RR Evo truck. Front and rear anti-roll bars are also standard, as are turnbuckle tie-rods and upper suspension links for quick and precise adjustment.

The truck is powered by a Kyosho KE25 engine, which is in its second generation. It’s refined to include a stronger conrod for increased longevity, and the internals of the pullstarter have been tweaked for more reliable and easy starting. The pullstarter is unique in that it doesn’t have a one-way bearing that can wear out. Once the engine is started, the pullstarter is completely disengaged. That means that no power is being lost and there’s no hardware needlessly spinning along with the essential engine components. A polished aluminum header and tuned pipe mounted directly to the industry-standard rear exhaust port. The header and pipe are not only much lighter, but they help the engine to product much more horsepower. The engine is fed by a racing-truck-legal 150cc flip top fuel tank, which facilitates quick on-the-fly refueling.

The radio gear is new to the Neo ST 2.0, featuring the KT-331P 2.4 GHz radio with an LCD display and full range of menu driven adjustments. Metal gear KS-5031-09MW water-proof servos are fitted for throttle and steering. The layout of the radio gear in the Neo ST 2.0 is also significantly different, using the IGW051 Battery Forward Conversion Set, the receiver battery and radio gear is moved as far forward as possible for more forward weight bias to enhance steering response. Last but not least, the Neo ST 2.0 sports a new livery featuring the Unique Energy Drink logos on a striking silver, black and bright red paint scheme.


  • Length: 21.7″ (550mm)
  • Width: 16.8″ (427mm)
  • Height: 8.9″ (225mm)
  • Wheelbase: 14.0″ (355mm)
  • Approx Weight: 132 oz (3750g)
  • Release Date: March 2016
  • Part: 33002T1B
  • Price: $480 Buy Now!


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