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JConcepts Vengeance RC Crawling Wheels

JConcepts Vengeance RC Crawling WheelsIn the scale RC world nothing beats a new set of wheels on a vehicle to improve performance or to just refresh the current look. The Vengeance wheel from JConcepts is a perfect complement to the array of scale builds, projects and vehicles currently on the market. The 1.9″ wheel is just versatile enough to support the genre, but specific enough to have the detail for a show worthy rig.

The 8 spoke wheel design of the JConcepts Vengeance is rather smooth, incorporating a triangle type cut-out about the center for heavy street appeal. The design leaves the natural color of the wheel showing inside the spokes which adds a touch of mystery and depth. In-between the spoke design rests the dividing sections which break up the pattern adding a bit of bite to the overall design. The entire face of the wheel has been plated with a silver coating which gives scaler’s a little more luxurious look to match-up to the variety of full scale inspired RC truck bodies on the market such as the JConcepts Ford Atlas 0286.

Each pair of JConcepts Vengeance Wheels includes a solid and open center cap which brings even more detail to the wheel. Depending on the desired look or axle length of the vehicle, drivers can choose whichever is best for their individual needs. The caps are attached with the included eight, 2x6mm socket head cap screws. Wheel profile, interior and exterior ribbing and spoke design were all areas of focus while creating the combination of durability, clearance, functionality and appearance. Molded in black with a face plating, being unique is worry free as practically any paint scheme can be matched to these exciting new wheels.


  • Part: 3375B
  • Price: $11


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