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JConcepts Tekno EB48 Finnisher Body

JConcepts Tekno EB48 BodyWhile the body that Tekno includes with their 1/8 scale electric buggy, the EB48, is quite a gem, if you race your buggy there is definitely going to come a time where a new lid is in order. In comes JConcepts with just what you need. The new JConcepts Finnisher body for the Tekno EB48 Buggy has all the features of the previously released Finnisher lids including a cab forward design which reportedly improves steering performance in low traction situations, side pods which have been simplified for better aerodynamics, a tightening of the chassis to body fit which eliminates empty voids that contribute to mid-flight directional changes, and dual louvers toward the rear that can be trimmed to allow air to escape at the top of the body. The rear portion of the side-pod area has also been lowered to create another louver which can be trimmed as another avenue to allow heat to escape. The motor side of the pods also have a direct inlet which can be trimmed and used as another air-flow feature of the body.

JConcepts Tekno EB48 Body Features and Specs:

  • Race proven JConcepts Finnisher design
  • Blended wing and body design
  • Unique forward cab design
  • Side pod louvers for more air flow potential
  • Additional steering clearance
  • Motor-side scoop for direct inlet
  • Clear polycarbonate with protective film
  • Includes window masks and decal sheet
  • Part: 0262
  • Price: $31.00

JConcepts Tekno EB48 Body Pictures:

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2 Responses

  1. Tima

    I absolutely despise these cab forward bodies. They look like some sort of alien insect ready to leap on their prey. They might be aerodynamic but they sure are ugly.

  2. Ernie

    These bodies will cause the decline in the classes that they are in. Definitely UGLY.

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