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JConcepts Splitters 2wd Buggy Rear Tires

JConcepts Splitters 2wd Buggy Rear TiresJConcepts adds to their ever extending line of high performance RC car tires with the new JConcepts Splitters! JConcepts has always been on top of the 1/10 2wd buggy racing scene with the original release of Double Dees and Bar Codes. Enter the Splitters into the equation as a go-to tire in the loose and slick conditions. The “Split-bar” and alternating horizontal and vertical positioning fill the void for both forward and side-bite.

The Splitters are a micro-pin tire which places the individually spaced pins in opposing directions placing footing in each direction. The tread sits on a proven Bar Code tire carcass giving the tire a low-profile, wide-body appearance allowing clipped tread to extend all the way to the outer edges. The carefully shaped profile allows a great balance of monster forward traction and comfortable side-bite. Once the cushy tread combines with the super and mega soft compounds the Splitters provide confidence inspiring grip in the toughest conditions.


  • 3072-01 – Splitters Blue Compound – $19
  • 3072-02 – Splitters Green Compound – $19
  • 3072-07 – Splitters Black Compound – $19


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