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JConcepts Pressure Points 2.2″ Truck Tires

JConcepts Pressure Points 2.2" Truck TiresWith victories around the world, including ROAR National Championships, JConcepts has added another part to its successful racing arsenal. The JConcepts Pressure Points 2.2″ stadium truck tires are the latest low-height tread option specifically designed to tame high-speed courses with either wet or blue groove traction conditions. The design starts as an angular, low pin design as a carryover from the successful Bar Codes front tire line-up. The small “points” combined with “lower case” Y elements developed on the original Bar Codes V1 rear tire provide the ultimate in surface area “pressure” penetration and tack.

The inner carcass and side-wall has built-in ribbing which limits carcass collapse and increases support on the outside during hard cornering and driving. The new inner ribbing, combined with the included JConcepts insert, is a perfect match to provide the ultimate in support, traction and consistency.

In the movies, it’s been said that loose is fast and on the edge of out of control. In our world, loose is slow and off the pace. The Pressure Points are designed to be driven hard while maintaining the grip necessary to drive at the limit. The edges of the side-walls have been carefully rolled for a smooth transition during cornering which limits traction-roll characteristics and allows the driver control during the all important tipping point every driver has experienced.


  • Available in Soft (Blue), Super Soft (Green) and Indoor Soft (Gold) compounds
  • Low-height tread, specifically designed to tame high-speed courses
  • Inner carcass and side-wall ribbing, limits carcass collapse and increases support
  • Includes And-1 inserts


  • Part: #3062-01 – Blue compound – $23.00
  • Part: #3062-02 – Green compound – $23.00
  • Part: #3062-05 – Gold compound – $23.00

Source: JConcepts

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