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JConcepts New Long Wear 1/8 Tire Compounds

JConcepts New Long Wear 1/8 Tire CompoundsAfter much success, JConcepts is proud to release three popular 1/8th off-road tire tread patterns in the long-wear, warm weather compounds. The “double dot” compounds made popular during events such as the Silver State Nitro Challenge and ROAR Fuel Nationals give racers an option that provides better wear characteristics, less rolling resistance and confidence inspiring performance during warm weather or long main events. The R2 compound labeled as medium soft is the first long-wear option a racer will turn to as the track conditions groove out and heat up. Next in the compound line-up, the O2, labeled as the medium compound is the next selection as weather continues to get warmer and the track gets more abrasive. Finally, the Y2, the medium hard compound is the favorite for the most outrageous track temperature range and more importantly, the most abrasive. All “double dot” compounds are intended for more demanding conditions and work well when paired to the appropriate track.


  • 3121-Y2 – JConcepts Reflex Tire Yellow2 – $22.50 Buy Now!
  • 3121-O2O2 – JConcepts Reflex Tire Orange2 – $22.50
  • 3121-R2 – JConcepts Reflex Tire Red2 – $22.50
  • 3122-Y2 – JConcepts Detox Tire Yellow2 – $22.50
  • 3122-O2O2 – JConcepts Detox Tire Orange2 – $22.50
  • 3122-R2 – JConcepts Detox Tire Red2 – $22.50
  • 3132-O2O2 – JConcepts Triple Dees Tire Yellow2 – $22.50
  • 3132-R2 – JConcepts Triple Dees Tire Orange2 – $22.50 Buy Now!
  • 3132-1R2 – JConcepts Triple Dees Tire Red2 – $22.50 Buy Now!


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