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JConcepts Kosmos 1/8 Buggy Tires

JConcepts Kosmos 1/8 Buggy Tires
When David Ronnefalk joined the JConcepts Racing team, he had a recommendation. “Let’s develop a tire for the Euro drivers where the tracks are more dry, rutted and dusty.” The team set off on a mission by evaluating JC’s past and present tread patterns to arrive at a new build. Tires such as the Hybrid, Chasers and Stackers, already in the line-up, have all served well and have won major events however the new JConcepts Kosmos 1/8 buggy tires have it all.

Starting with a clean shape and carcass, the design team took to a rectangular based pin which has the forward bite muscle to boost a 1/8th buggy. The Kosmos’ staggered rows create a unique zig/zag affect at certain views giving it a 3D mind puzzle affect. In fact, the design is 4 rows deep of off-set and staggered sections when compared to some traditional tires which rely on 2.

JConcepts has connected several sections of pins with a V-feature to strengthen the base to make Super Soft compounds manageable even in high-speed conditions. The outer rows of Kosmos tires pins have been clipped and held back for maximum cornering consistency on bumpy and chunky conditions. The inside of the carcass boasts the standard 3 radial ribs that help minimize tire expansion under hard acceleration and cushions hard impacts.


  • 3186-01 – JConcepts Kosmos Blue – $23
  • 3186-02 – JConcepts Kosmos Green- $23
  • 3186-07 – JConcepts Kosmos Black- $23
  • 3186-R2 – JConcepts Kosmos R2- $24
  • 3186-O2O2 – JConcepts Kosmos O2- $24
  • 3186-Y2 – JConcepts Kosmos Y2- $24


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