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JConcepts Dirt Webs Stadium Truck Tires

JConcepts Dirt Webs Stadium Truck TiresDuring 2012, legendary tire builder, Brian Kinwald, came up with a new hand-made RC stadium truck tire design. After testing at indoor and outdoor tracks around the country, qualifying results during the 2012 Hot Rod Shootout and working together with JConcepts designer Jason Ruona, the JConcepts Dirt Webs tire was born. Production tire versions debuted during the 2013 IFMAR World Championships at Silver Dollar Raceway in Chico, CA, where Ryan Maifield used the front buggy tire to his advantage during the A-Final events taking the fastest lap times on his way to a 3rd overall podium finish in the 2wd class.

The tread of the JConcepts Dirt Webs RC Stadium Truck Tires, originally based on the popular Pressure Points tire design, connects uniformly positioned Web-Bars to create an amazingly stable tire. The Dirt Webs relies heavily on the Web-treatment for massive forward acceleration; however, the design does not stop there. Inside the supported bar portion rests horizontal and vertical alternating bars which help balance side-bite and backs up the Web-Bars to help minimize wear. Down in the corners, small Pressure Point sized pins break-in quickly providing surface area for specialty indoor racing and also lend a helping hand to stabilize the tire in extreme high-grip conditions.

The outer edges feature a single rib on each side which provides extra side-bite during heavy cornering and side-loading characteristics. The Dirt Web tread sits on the proven “Bar Code” tire carcass giving the tire a low-profile, wide-body appearance allowing clipped tread to extend all the way to the outer edges. The carefully shaped profile allows a great balance of monster forward traction and comfortable side-bite. Available in multiple compounds, the Dirt Webs can easily be matched to any track conditions ranging from indoor clay, indoor dirt to outdoor hard-packed or treated clay or dirt.


  • 3079-01 – JConcepts Stadium Truck Dirt Webs Blue – $25
  • 3079-02 – JConcepts Stadium Truck Dirt Webs Green- $25
  • 3079-05 – JConcepts Stadium Truck Dirt Webs Gold- $25
  • 3079-08 – JConcepts Stadium Truck Dirt Webs Red- $25


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