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JConcepts Choppers Short Course Tires

JConcepts Choppers Short Course TiresAfter the racing success of the JConcepts short course tires and accessories, drivers have asked for an all-terrain alternative aimed toward high-end bashing performance. Inspired from some of the most successful JConcepts racing tires, the Choppers have the look, fit and finish of a hard-core racing tire on steroids. Whether you are an experienced racer or beginning driver, the Choppers in blue compound are designed to tear up surfaces ranging from grass and gravel to dirt and asphalt.

Unleashing a new short course truck has never been more fun than with the addition of Choppers. The tall and burly square lug design of the Choppers provides a deep tread depth for heavy footing even in the toughest conditions. The recessed lugs give a multitude of fresh edges to maintain consistent traction during the initial phase of tread life. The tread alignment and spacing provides massive forward bite acting as a paddle in loose dirt or sandy bashing environments. The outer sidewalls include heavy JConcepts X-Tread support ribs to aid traction in tight conditions or while against sharp or angled objects. The inner side-walls have built-in ribbing for added tire to insert support increasing cornering consistency. Chop down the competition with JConcepts; choose the all-terrain Choppers SCT tire.


  • Available in Soft blue compound
  • Compact tire body with large crisp tread and separation
  • Recessed lugs with heavy horizontal alignment
  • Aggressive Chopper tread and X-Tread sidewall detail
  • Includes Profiled “closed cell” insert


  • 3067-01 – JConcepts Choppers blue compound – $25
  • 3067-3134 – JConcepts Choppers blue compound on black Hazard wheels – $36 (Slash 2wd front)
  • 3067-3144 – JConcepts Choppers blue compound on black Hazard wheels – $36 (Slash rear, Slash 4×4 f/r)
  • 3067-3164 – JConcepts Choppers blue compound on black Hazard wheels – $37 (SC10 RS, SC10 4×4)
  • 3067-3174 – JConcepts Choppers blue compound on black Hazard wheels – $37 (SCT-E, 22 SCT)

Source: JConcepts

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