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JConcepts B5/B5M/T5M Aluminum Shock Upgrades

JConcepts B5/B5M/T5M Aluminum Shock UpgradesAfter first showing them off in a video last year, JConcepts releases a few official photos and more information on their upcoming Aluminum Shock Upgrades designed for the Team Associated B5, B5m, and T5M. The aluminum cap is precision machined with angular bleed hole and lightening holes positioned about the center. Available in blue and black anodizing finish the JConcepts logo has been etched for identification. The shock collar has a knurled exterior for grip and making quick adjustments. A notch has been added for location and identifying a track side ride height change. Available in blue and black anodizing finish the JC logo has been etched for identification. Shock bottom end cap fits the bill for racers wanting a little extra grip during the closure of shock rebuilds and finishing off the look of a glamour car build. The blue or black anodized piece fits nicely on all AE BB shocks and has etched logos for authenticity. Finishing off the shock accessories are the 5mm offset spring cups. Aluminum material in either blue or black anodizing provide a healthy footing for the hot new spring of choice or the trusty stock AE spring set. The cups feature a unique entrance which helps keep the spring cup in position during hard crashes or collisions. Etched with height and logo the new spring cups are top notch replacements. There is no word when these parts will be available for purchase so stay tuned!


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