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JConcepts 1993 Ford F-150 RC10T Team Truck Body

JConcepts 1993 Ford F-150 RC10T Team Truck BodyMeet the new JConcepts 1993 Ford F-150 RC10T Team Truck Body! During the summer of 1993, Brian Kinwald was crushing it, winning the ROAR Truck National Championship during that year with the Team Associated RC10T Team Truck. In the movie theater, it was Jurassic Park breaking all the records while Whitney Houston and Dr. Dre were dishing out the latest billboard hits on the music scene. The grunge movement was in full swing and the kids were wearing plaid, plaid and more plaid to schools and social events. On the race track, the stadium truck class was the most emerging class in racing, ROAR held a separate truck nationals from the buggy events to accommodate the large number of entries. In honor of the golden age of stadium truck racing, JConcepts unveils a 1993 Ford F-150 stadium truck body for the RC10T. The RC10T has very little body options available and JConcepts took on a passion project to deliver a body to a vintage community thirsty for a fresh reboot.

The JConcepts RC10T Body is narrow and sits close against the chassis to give racers the Team Truck look popular in the 90’s. The styling is completely modeled after the most popular full-size truck of that era, the 1993 Ford F-150. The entire body shape has been chiseled, incorporating styling cues from the 1:1 truck including wheel well shapes, door lines, window outlines and rear tailgate. The front-end sits just behind the front bumper while the headlight and grille area looks strikingly stock and with included decal sheet, looks like its street truck counterpart.

The JConcepts 1993 Ford F-150 RC10T Team Truck Body is molded in a durable gauge material and includes rear spoiler, mounting hardware and decal sheet to completely outfit a vintage ride. When it comes to topping off a high-end race vehicle of the past or present, JConcepts has you covered, World Proven Innovation and Design.



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