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Pictures: Building The Tamiya Lunch Box

Tamiya Lunch Box BuildI don’t think it comes to the surprise of anyone who frequents this site that we here at RCNewz.com are big fans of Tamiya vehicles. The reasoning is simple, they offer many of their R/C cars and trucks in kit form and we love building kits. Kits were the cornerstone of what made this hobby so great back in the day and we hope to see more of them. In the past we’ve built a few other Tamiya R/C trucks but in those builds we went into detail on how everything assembled. For this build, however, we’re doing things a little different. With the Tamiya Lunch Box being such an easy to assemble kit we felt that the details weren’t needed. Instead this entire build is little more than pictures with quick descriptions! Enjoy!


Taking the Tamiya Lunch Box home!















What is in the box














The included Tamiya TEU-101BK electronic speed control















Tamiya Lunch Box Chassis













The Lunchbox tires
























































More chrome!
















Parts still on the trees





























Screw bags












Tamiya Lunch Box Decals












Close up of Vanessa















Electronics on the chassis

















Servo installed













Lunch Box gearbox internals and gear differential



















Wheelie bar!














Assembled gearbox and Mabuchi motor














Gearbox attached to chassis

















Chrome shocks assembled
















Assembled chassis
















Underside of the front suspension
















Another shot of the Lunch Box’s front suspension
















Underside of the Lunch Box chassis













Underside of the Lunch Box gearbox















The Lunch Box assembled! We told you this was an easy build.

















Another view of the assembled chassis























Rear view of the assembled Lunch Box chassis



















Body mounted. Still needs assembly and painting.





















Rear of unpainted Lunch Box body




































Chrome grill of completed Tamiya Lunchbox
















Front of Tamiya Lunchbox


















Rear of Tamiya Lunchbox




















Tamiya Lunchbox Completed!




















Tamiya Lunchbox all painted and ready to wheelie!




















One last view…

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3 Responses

  1. Tima

    Thanks for posting these, the lunch box is one of my favorite rc cars of all time!

  2. christine davison

    can you please explain to me how to set up the receiver

    • Stan

      That greatly depends on what radio/receiver you have. What are you have trouble with? Have you looked at your radio’s manual to see how it is setup?

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