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Home Offroad RC First Look: HPI Wheely King Fuzion

First Look: HPI Wheely King Fuzion

HPI Wheely King FuzionThe JumpShot MT isn’t the only new RC truck to get the Fuzion brushless treatment. Meet the HPI Wheely King Fusion brushless! Adding the amazing Fuzion combined motor-speed controller system to the Wheely King adds even more awesome fun with extra speed! The amazing Fuzion system combines a brushless motor and speed controller in one high-powered unit, giving you more speed and fun while you drive and play with your friends! With its rearward weight distribution, the Wheelie King Fuzion is able to get instant wheelie action for hilarious driving action and tons of fun! Get more wheelie-popping fun and speed with the Wheely King Fuzion!


  • Part: 116200


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