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HPI Savage XL Octane Revealed!

HPI Savage XL OctaneAfter an excruciatingly long period of teasing, HPI has finally revealed the new Savage XL Octane gas powered RC monster truck! Features include a pull start 2.7hp 15cc GT15C gasoline engine mated to an all metal gear Savage XL 3 speed transmission, an aluminum tuned exhaust and header, a 300cc fuel tank for over 20 minutes of run time, a triple disc brake system and 4 shoe Quadra clutch. The Savage Octane is expected to hit store shelves early next month and some online shops are already taking pre-orders.

You know what the HPI Savage Octane is all about. It’s the Savage XL chassis fitted with the ground-breaking 15cc gasoline Octane engine. Fistfuls of aggression, gigantic size, cheaper fuel costs and extra-long runtimes – what more could you want?

The grunt from the Octane engine lets you throw up dirt roosts and blast through sand, leaves, mud and water with ease! The Savage XL Octane’s 3 speed transmission lets you experience quick acceleration from a standing start, plus ground-shaking top speed! A 4-shoe Quadra clutch gets the power from the engine to the drivetrain in no time flat, and the all-metal, ball bearing-supported 4WD shaft drivetrain is super-durable to handle whatever you come across. The XtraLarge wide track and XtraLarge wheelbase of the Savage XL chassis work with the XtraLarge Terra Pin tires to make the Savage XL Octane easy to drive and maneuver over and through jumps and obstacles…or whatever is in your way!

The Savage XL Octane is completely pre-built, just like all RTR (Ready To Run) vehicles from HPI Racing. The engine is a pull-start design, and easily starts with a single tug. Rechargeable HPI Plazma battery packs and AA batteries are included to power the hassle-free 2.4GHz radio system and engine control system – all you need to provide is pump gasoline and 2-stroke engine oil.

15cc Savage Octane Gas Engine
The Octane engine is a huge 15cc two-stroke gasoline-powered beast! Bigger than any nitro-powered engine by far, and nearly 3 times bigger than the engine in the Savage XL 5.9, it’s loud, brash and powerful! The Octane engine is fitted with a pullstarter system that gets the engine going with a single easy pull. A custom electronic management system keeps everything ticking over perfectly, so you can keep driving as long as you want!

Aluminum Performance Pipe
Aggressive and loud, the aluminum tuned pipe fitted to the Octane 15cc engine is the perfect accompaniment to the Savage Octane XL! A beautifully turned aluminum manifold and header lead from the engine to the large tuned performance pipe. The pipe is shaped to provide you with the perfect blend of speed, torque and awesome sound for your driving!

Quadra Clutch
The Savage Octane XL is fitted with a strong four-shoe Quadra Clutch, which allows the Octane 15cc engine to spin up to a high RPM before the clutch engages. This allows for powerful starts and quick acceleration at all RPM ranges, working in concert with the 3-speed transmission for maximum speed and enjoyment!

3 Speed Transmission
With the Octane’s 3 speed transmission, your Savage XL Octane will get fast starts and huge top speeds! The first gear is perfect for pulling away from standing starts on any surface, and you”ll clearly hear when 2nd and 3rd gear kick in. You can even visibly see the truck accelerate even further at top speed! Make sure you have plenty of open area to play in – this monster truck gets plenty fast!

Fuel Tank
The 2-stroke gasoline/oil mixture for the Savage Octane is kept at the front of the chassis, in a huge 300cc fuel tank. You’ll be happy with the lower cost of pump gasoline compared to nitro hobby fuel, and you’ll be even happier to know you can regularly get over 20 minutes out of every tank of fuel with the Savage XL Octane! Cheaper fuel costs and longer running times…you can’t beat that!

Extra Large XL Size
The Savage XL Octane is bigger in every dimension than all other 1/8th scale monster trucks. The XL is taller, longer and wider, with a longer wheelbase, more ground clearance and tires nearly 7 inches across! It’s based on the nearly indestructible Savage X chassis, but features even more durability upgrades like XtraLong 3mm TVP plates and engine mount, XtraLarge Terra Pin tires, XtraLarge width, XtraLarge Big Bore shocks, XtraLarge body with a custom paint job, all-metal differential gears, steel spur gear, heavy duty clutchbell, heavy-duty dogbones, outdrives and axles, machined brake hub, triple-disc brakes for monster stopping power and much more!

Triple Disc Brake System
The Savage Octane XL is fitted with a triple-disc brake system that brings the Octane to a safe, controlled halt at the tip of your fingers. Three vented red fiber discs resist heat build-up to eliminate brake fade at all speeds, with large holes in the discs shedding excess heat effectively for secure stops no matter what speeds you hit.

HPI Savage XL Octane Features

  • 2.7hp GT15C 15cc 2-stroke engine with pull start
  • 300cc fuel tank for over 20 minutes of run time
  • Savage XL extended chassis with 3mm thick TVP plates
  • 3-speed transmission for aggressive action
  • 4-shoe Quadra clutch system with cooling fan
  • Triple-disc brake system for sure stops
  • XtraLarge Big Bore oil-filled shocks on each corner
  • Low fuel costs using pump gasoline and 2-stroke oil
  • All-metal shaft drivetrain for durability
  • Water-resistant receiver and battery box
  • Waterproof steering and throttle servos
  • Fully equipped with ball bearings for maximum efficiency
  • 2.4GHz radio system for hassle-free performance
  • Proven HPI Savage toughness
  • Terra Pin tires are nearly 7″ across and extra-wide
  • All-metal differential gears
  • Steel spur gear
  • Heavy Duty clutchbell
  • Heavy Duty dogbones
  • Heavy Duty outdrives
  • Heavy Duty axles
  • Machine brake hub

HPI Savage XL Octane Specs

  • Length: 23″ (585mm)
  • Height: 10.4″ (265mm)
  • Width: 17.5″ (445mm)
  • Wheelbase: 15.5″ (395mm)
  • Height: 10.6″ (270mm)
  • Weight: 15.6lbs (7076g)
  • Release Date: Early May
  • Part: 109073
  • Price: $870

HPI Savage XL Octane Pictures

Source: Hpiracing.com

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