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HPI D-Box 2 RC Stability Control System

HPI D-Box 2 Stability Control SystemHPI Racing introduces the new D-Box 2 RC Stability Control System! The HPI D-Box 2 is developed for RC cars of all types, not just for drifters! Use the D-Box 2 on slippery surfaces like wet paved surfaces, muddy conditions, loose dirt and wet clay tracks to give you perfect control in the turns. Simply connect the super-small D-Box 2 between your receiver and steering servo for an amazing difference in your driving performance!

Perfect for Drift Drivers!
The D-Box 2 is the perfect item to help you get long drift distances and the perfect drift angle, for a dramatic improvement to your drift driving! Just change the Sensitivity Mode Switch to help alter your car’s angle through the turns!

Massively Improved over the Original D-Box!
The D-Box 2 is a huge improvement on the earlier ground-breaking HPI D-Box. The original D-Box has the capability of adjusting the gyro sensitivity. Steering response may be reduced, which will make the car more stable. In turn, it under steers when cornering. While the first generation D-Box cannot tell if the motion is coming from the car or radio, the new D-Box 2 has an amazing feature that improves response when the gyro sensitivity is increased using the Mode switches. This new priority system allows the steering inputs from the transmitter to have priority over the gyro. While the D-Box 2 is perfect for all types of vehicles, this gyro correction is seen the most when used in high-powered off-road cars: increasing the throttle will not spin the car out, even in slippery conditions! The D-Box 2 will also prevent sliding in sudden braking or steering.

Exclusive Sensitivity Mode Switch
The HPI D-Box 2 allows you to set 4 sensitivity modes using 2 switches. Mode 0 has the characteristics of the original D-Box, with gyro compensation present from the steering action provided by your radio signal. You can get more steering control and less gyro compensation as you change the modes up to Modes 1, 2 and 3 – if you want earlier steering response through the transmitter and less from the gyro, simply change the mode to a higher number. Test drive the different modes to find the optimal driving mode for your preference!


  • Weight: 9.5g
  • Operating voltage: 4.8V-7.4V
  • Power consumption: 10mA/6V
  • Neutral servo signal: 1.5mSec (1.45-1.55mSec)
  • Servo signal cycle: 3-22mSec
  • Release Date: June 2014
  • Part: 105409
  • Price: $70


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  1. nitromaniac

    Id like to try this out. My buddy had the original dbox in his drifter and it seemed to work pretty good.

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