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HPI Baja 5B SS 2014 Edition

HPI Baja 5B SS 2014 Later this month HPI will release an update to the ever popular Baja 5B SS 1/5th scale buggy kit. The Baja 5B 2014 edition retains many of the features that you love but it now includes a few new factory upgrades to make it even more durable. The new parts include heavy duty front hubs, one piece rear hub carriers, steel exhaust header and super heavy duty drive shafts, diff shafts and axles.

Packed with Even More Factory Options for 2014!
To handle the extra horsepower of the Fuelie 26S, the drivetrain of the Baja SS is boosted with specially designed option parts that can handle the power increase. Providing a boost of extra power is the #86690 Aluminum Tuned Pipe – now complete with #87288 steel header for even more durability – designed just for the 26cc engine for even more acceleration power. The #15448 8000 RPM Clutch lets the engine rev up to a high RPM before engaging the drivetrain, giving you lightning-fast acceleration off the starting line and out of every corner. Protecting the differential is the #87568 Aluminum Alloy Diff Case, giving protection from the extreme strength of the engine. When it comes to transferring all this power into breathtaking action on the ground, for 2014 we’ve added even more options to make the Baja5B SS even better value! The #104966 Super Heavy Duty Dogbones get the power from the diff to the rear wheels with chunky steel driveshafts and jointed rubber boots for minimal loss of power. Add the #112845 Heavy Duty front hubs and the #104781 One Piece Rear Uprights and we have one tough unit ready to blast deserts, rugged wasteland and anything in it’s path with unshakeable durability

Fuelie 26cc Gasoline Engine
At the heart of the Baja SS is the #15403 Fuelie 26S 26cc engine, a tougher, stronger and more powerful engine than the standard 23cc Fuelie engine in the Baja 5B RTR buggy. With more displacement you get increased low-end grunt, more acceleration and huge top-end speed! The Fuelie 26S is a 2-stroke engine powered by regular pump gasoline (petrol) that is mixed with 2-stroke engine oil, so the running cost of the engine is extremely low when compared to any normal nitromethane-powered glow engine. You’ll spend just pennies per tank on fuel!

Heavy Duty Front Wheel Hubs
To keep in sync with the Super Heavy Duty drivetrain, the Baja 5B SS also comes with #112845 Heavy Duty front wheel hubs. These new axles utilize a screw and nut design that eliminates the older e-clip design, which further improves the reliability of the truck. Every bit of this kit screams ‘Come and get it!’ …and as Baja drivers all over the world continue to tear their Bajas through increasingly gnarly terrains – HPI’s designers keep boosting the kit’s rugged durability to keep the Baja coming back for more

Aluminum Tuned Pipe
Now with new steel header for even more durability! Designed to give you increased power and quicker acceleration!

8000 RPM Clutch
Launches the Baja 5B at higher RPM for more punch off the line and out of low-speed corners.

Rear Shock Tower Brace
Relocates shocks for increased rear suspension travel for better traction and braking on rough ground.

One-Piece Rear Hub Carriers
Now seriously beefed up to our ‘Super Heavy Duty’ standard, carried over from the Baja SC SS – for even more durability, so you can go the distance and absorb any bumps from crashes.

Super Heavy Duty Drive Shafts, Diff Shafts and Axles
These #104965 Super Heavy Duty Diff Shafts, #104966 Super Heavy Duty Drive Shafts and #104967 Super Heavy Duty Axles can handle all the power that the Fuelie 26S can pump out and more! They get the power from high-power engines through the diff to the rear wheels, and jointed rubber boots keep dirt and rocks out of the joints for zero downtime.

Sway Bars
These improves the handling for quicker steering response in high speed situations, making it the ideal tuning device for racers and hard-core bashers! The sway bars are easily tuneable to make them more or less responsive for varying race conditions.

Aluminum Alloy Diff Case
For increased drivetrain durability and extended time between maintenance and rebuilds. Perfect for the high output 26S Engine!

Clear Pre-Cut Body
Crystal clear tough polycarbonate is ready for your custom paint job. Pre-cut to make painting and installation quick and easy. Also comes with pre-cut vinyl decals and protective overspray film.

Gunmetal Main Chassis
Unique customized looks with a gunmetal-anodized 6061 T6 aluminum monocoque chassis. Super-rigid for supreme performance, it also looks amazing under the body!

Heavy Duty Beadlocks
Reinforced design increases durability of the wheels and tires. Protects the sidewalls of your tires in hard cornering manoeuvres.

SFL-10 MG Steering Servo
In addition to all the heavy duty options included with the kit, you get a tough, super-strong steering servo #80589 that is already equipped with the #80584 Metal Gear Steering upgrade. This allows you to have the security of reliable, quick steering in all conditions. With a powerful servo controlling the steering, the Baja SS will track straight and true when you want it to, no matter how bumpy the running surface. The front wheels will also stay pointed in the right direction as you power through the turns! This is a great standard feature of the Baja SS, putting you well on your way to a solid electronics package.

VVC/HD Shocks
To improve the handling of the Baja even further, we have a full set of #87561 and #87562 VVC/HD Baja shocks which are included and improve handling on all types of terrain and are also heavy-duty to keep things secure on the track. The Baja SS carries over the robust, efficient and highly detailed double-wishbone suspension from the standard Baja 5B, giving you amazing control and precision over any type of terrain. The suspension doesn’t just look like the real deal, it’s built to last! The rugged upper and lower arms will soak up the bumps and rough landings of fast off-road driving and racing, plus it’s super-strong to hold up in those inevitable crashes and rollovers!

New for 2014

  • Heavy Duty Front Wheel Hubs
  • Aluminum Tuned Pipe with new steel header
  • One-Piece Rear Hub Carriers
  • Super Heavy Duty Drive Shafts, Diff Shafts and Axles


  • Length: 817mm
  • Width front: 460mm
  • Width rear: 480mm
  • Height: 255mm
  • Wheelbase: 570mm
  • Weight: 9.6kg (without fuel)
  • Release Date: Late December
  • Part: 112457
  • Price: $899


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