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Hot Racing Announces New Axial Yeti Upgrades

Hot Racing Axial Yeti UpgradesHot Racing is back at it with new upgrades for the Axial Yeti! The new upgrades include spring sets available in five colors, an aluminum front body mounting base, a shock upgrade kit, 5mm and 10mm wheel extension kits, and a sweet looking graphite battery holder. More pictures and information about these new Axial Yeti upgrades below!

Hot Racing Axial Yeti Spring Sets

Hot Racing is springing into action on the Axial Yeti with multi color springs to customize your ride! Green, red, blue, white and black springs set to factory spec tension will allow you to distinguish your Yeti as you shred the ground around you! Offered in a 4 pack for front and back or a 2 pack for the back, you can choose which color best suits your personalized scheme without changing the outstanding performance set by Axial!

Hot Racing Axial Yeti Front Body Mount
Stiffen up your Axial Yeti and separate yourself from the pack with Hot Racing’s aluminum front body mount base! Decrease body wobble, and add to the looks of your favorite Axial Yeti platform with Hot Racing’s aluminum Front Body Mount base!

Hot Racing Axial Yeti Shock Upgrade Kit
What is more shocking than watching an Axial Yeti tear up your home turf? A Yeti that has Hot Racing’s new Blue Aluminum 10mm shock upgrade kit installed! Stand out from the rest with Hot Racing’s newest offering for the Yeti crowd and keep your plastic spring retainers, shock collars and caps at home! Launch off jumps with confidence and watch as the sun flashes off the perfect finish to set your beloved Yeti apart!

Hot Racing Axial Yeti Wheel Extensions
When bashing your favorite spot, wider is B E T T E R ! Hot Racing has released 5mm and 10mm wheel extensions for the Axial Yeti! Now you can give your Yeti that ultra wide stance that allows you to tackle the toughest, nastiest terrain with ease! Give your beast the added stability it needs with Hot Racings 5mm and 10mm wheel extensions! As always, Hot Racing produces flawless finishes so that your ride will not only work better, but look better than anyone else!

Hot Racing Axial Yeti Battery Holder
Added stiffness and better looks are what you get with Hot Racing’s graphite battery holder for the Axial Yeti! Polished blue holders, included hardware and thick graphite let you hold your power in place and look better doing it!


  • YET54FS14 – Axial Yeti Spring Kit Front 4 – $17
  • YET90FS14 – Axial Yeti Spring Kit Rear 4 – $17
  • YET90FS17 – Axial Yeti Spring Kit Rear 2 – $9
  • YET2901 – Axial Yeti Body Mount – $19
  • YET15606 – Axial Yeti Shock Upgrade Kit – $19
  • YET10EF06 – Axial Yeti 5mm Wheel Extensions – $13
  • YET10ET06 – Axial Yeti 10mm Wheel Extensions – $14
  • YET126G06 – Axial Yeti Battery Holder – $19


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