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Hot Bodies R10 Nitro Touring Car

Hot Bodies R10 Nitro Touring CarThe R10 is the latest kit from the minds at Hot Bodies to enter the exciting and fast world of 1/10th scale on-road nitro touring car racing! This time, we’re diving into the nitro end of the racing arena, with a unique, high-spec nitro touring car kit that is sure to amaze nitro racing fans! Top-level nitro touring cars are a completely different type of racing class compared to electric touring cars – you can’t just add an engine to any touring car design and be off to the races. Properly designing and testing a car takes months, even years plus the standard of materials and design has to be at the highest level. At over 60mph, even on smaller tracks, every component has to serve a purpose and be designed to perform! That’s why only the best materials went into the R10: titanium, aircraft aluminum, carbon graphite, top-grade composites and more.


  • Centralized lower weight distribution provides superb balance with increased transitional agility
  • High quality universal driveshafts front and rear for the best drive efficiency
  • Titanium tie-rods, rear camber links, middle shafts and rear sway bar joints
  • Hard coated aluminum pulleys (except the rear diff pulley)
  • Separate (upper and lower) bulkheads allow for quick and easy diff change and drive belt tension adjustments
  • New fuel tank equipped with EZ cap designed for least fuel liquid level change for the best fuel efficiency
  • 4-piece engine mount compatible with both OS and Novarossi type engines
  • High precision brake rotor and brake pads made from the same material used in full scale racing cars provide superb stopping power and brake feel
  • Servo saver with one-touch Ackerman adjustment system
  • Multiple suspension pivot point adjustment system allows for fine roll center tuning
  • Direct fit wing mounts on rear shock tower
  • PTFE-coated oil shocks
  • Efficient .08 module gears


  • Length: 366mm
  • Width: 200mm
  • Wheelbase: 261mm
  • Weight: 1700g
  • Part: #108382
  • Price: $479

Source: Hot Bodies HPI

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