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Home Offroad RC Hemistorm Penta Losi 5IVE Body Bolt On Fenders

Hemistorm Penta Losi 5IVE Body Bolt On Fenders

Hemistorm Penta Body Bolt On FendersBack in May we posted about Hemistorm’s radical new Penta body for the 1/5th scale Losi 5IVE short course truck. While the Hemistorm Penta was truly awesome looking, by using it Losi 5IVE owners were giving up the short course appearance for that of a fender-less Class 1 Truggy. That’s where Hemistorm’s newest product comes into play. These new bolt on fenders not only allow you to transform your Penta body to a short course truck but they have one very distinct advantage over the Losi body. Unlike the one piece stock body, Hemistorm’s multi-piece setup allows you to switch out each fender separately as they get damaged, saving you tons of time and money in the process.

Many tracks have a restriction when it comes to what type of body you run, and some are afraid that running an open wheel body will make their truck more prone to damage. These were among the reasons to develop a set of fenders for the Penta body. We kept a few things in mind: looks, function, quality, easy installation and cost.

You can now turn your open wheel Penta shell into a full-blood shortcourse truck in a matter of minutes. Simply undo the screws that hold the bodypanels on the rollcage of your Losi 5ive, install the fenders and tighten the screws again. We used all the stock mounting holes for this piece of kit, making sure installation is as easy as it can get. This is the worlds first fully modular 5th scale body system!

My main concern with the stock body is the price of the seperate parts. The initial cost of a shortcourse Penta might be higher, but running cost and maintaining an immaculate look will be lower than the original. The fenders will be made available separately, so if you damage the left front, just replace the left front fender. No use in replacing the hood, and the right fender, if those are still in a good shape. Furthermore, the cost of all separate parts combined, will not exceed the price of a complete kit. In other words, pricing will be fair throughout. You don’t overpay because you had an accident.

Like the other parts of the Penta body these fendes are made of the highest quality lexan, come pretrimmed and predrilled and come with a clear overspray film, the best setup for all the painters out there.

Availability: August 24th
Price: $ 24.99 (per fender)
Price: $ 99.96 (full set)

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