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HB Pro5 Touring Car

HB Pro5 Touring CarThe world famous HotBodies racing team has been developing the HB Pro5 for over a year, striving to take everything learned with previous HB touring cars and roll up this knowledge into a world-beating electric touring car. Drivers like former World Champion Andy Moore and up-and-coming racer JJ Wang have been giving feedback directly to HB designers and team mates in an effort to make the Pro5 the ultimate touring car racer for RC professionals and club racers around the world.

Taking the HB Pro5 global as a development chassis and regularly racing against the world’s best drivers gives Team HB the opportunity to give the Pro5 a real trial by fire. Updates to the car are tested in the most strenuous conditions to give HotBodies drivers a real comparison to other cars and against the most unrelenting competition. Week by week, new changes are rolled out to the Team HB drivers so they can make consistent updates as they battle door-to-door with the best of the best. This all adds up to the HB Pro5 being a completely new and totally fresh design, full of innovation and brand new parts.

At first glance, the HB Pro 5 is a standard double-deck touring car, however it’s only when you look closely that you notice the fine new details and all-new parts. The main chassis is cut from 2.25mm woven carbon fiber, fitted with 7075 aluminium bulkheads. The design of the motor and layshaft mount is all new, for better weight distribution and efficiency. The Pro5’s 2mm woven carbon fiber upper deck sits on top of the aluminum bulkheads, sandwiching the drivetrain in place. A high-efficiency drive belt and alloy pulleys are standard equipment on the Pro5, and large 40-tooth pulleys at each end surround the new extra-large rear gear diff and the front solid spool. DCJ-style front universals and standard rear universals are driven by alloy diff outdrives for a supremely low rotating weight, and clamp-style hex adapters are securely fitted to the drive axles. The Pro 5 front hex adapters have an extra-thin narrow profile, allowing you to easily alter the front track width for an optimized steering feel for your driving style.

The HotBodies Pro5 suspension features a huge number of updates and is full of completely new parts, including the thick woven carbon fiber shock towers, threaded aluminium big bore shocks and totally new suspension arms. New easy-access ball cups mean you can change roll centers quickly using shims, and of course a complete set of turnbuckles are fitted as standard equipment. With ultra-precise steering a requirement for all touring car racers, the Pro5 is fitted with reliable bearing-supported bellcrank steering for extra-smooth action, using alloy arms for strength and durability. The Pro5’s Ackermann setting is easily adjustable using orange-anodized shims, and the steering turnbuckles connect to woven lightweight carbon fiber steering arms. The Pro 5 also features a woven carbon fiber floating servo mount and floating battery mount to allow the chassis to flex properly for consistent handling in all conditions.

Rounding out the HB Pro5 are adjustable front and rear sway bars, alloy ball bearing belt tensioner, integrated antenna mounting, fine pitch body post adjustments, and a super slick black and carbon fiber look with orange aluminum color accents throughout the car.


  • 2.25mm woven carbon fiber main chassis
  • 2mm woven carbon fiber upper deck
  • 7075 aluminum front and rear bulkheads
  • New optimized motor mount for central weight
  • New layshaft mount design
  • Alloy center pullies
  • High efficiency Kevlar-reinforced drive belts for an extra-smooth drivetrain
  • Updated rear gear diff with 40-tooth pulley
  • 40-tooth front spool
  • Alloy diff outdrives
  • Rear universals
  • Front DCJ universals
  • Fully adjustable suspension (wheelbase, camber, caster, ride height and more)
  • Woven carbon fiber shock towers with multiple shock mounting positions
  • Threaded aluminum coilover big bore regular length shocks
  • Centralized lower weight distribution provides superb balance
  • Floating woven carbon fiber and alloy servo mount
  • Bellcrank steering with dual alloy arms
  • Adjustable Ackermann integrated into steering arm & servo saver
  • Woven carbon fiber steering arms
  • All-new suspension arms and uprights
  • Modular inner camber link mount with shim adjustments for infinite adjustability
  • Easy-access ball cups
  • Clamping style hex hub adapters
  • Narrow front hex hubs
  • Fine pitch body posts
  • Floating battery mount for optimal chassis flex
  • New foam bumper with clamping bumper mount
  • Alloy belt tensioner with ball bearing
  • Front and rear sway bars
  • Metric hardware throughout
  • Orange-anodized aluminum color accents


  • Length: 353mm
  • Width: 190mm
  • Wheelbase: 254-260mm
  • Release Date: March 2015
  • Part: 114500
  • Price: TBA


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